Wallpapers for Your Desktop

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Broken Screen Wallpaper

Some people don’t pay much attention to what serves as a desktop background on their computers. Others change wallpapers every day or even several times a day depending on the mood. The third group prefers changing wallpapers when some events occur…

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10 Sweet Website Design Tips to Cut WP Site Cost in 2015

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Website Design Tips to Cut WP Site Cost in 2015

Relatively few small business owners evaluate the real pricing tag before jump into web building. According to Inc.com the cost of ordinary vCard site is between $2000 to $25000 in USA in 2015. It includes design, hosting, maintenance, copywriting, content management and SEO. Since site is such an expensive investment, you would expect high ROI. Unfortunately, web development often turns into financial catastrophe.

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Postcardly: Hallmark Is Not Enough

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PostcardlyAs usual, I was searching the Internet for some work issues when I stumbled upon a peculiar service named Postcardly. And you know I fell in love with the principle which is the base for its functioning!

Postcardly helps you turn your emails with attached photos into a 100%-real post card that your nearest and dearest will get within a week. Hallmark provides you with a plenty of nice cards and envelopes, Postcardly, in addition to the mentioned above, sends them for you.

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CollageIt: Find the Right Place for Your Pictures

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CollageIt Atrwork Example

Collage makers have recently become very popular. There are enough online collage creators, take Photovisi, for example, and desktop applications to organize your pictures into a wonderful mess. Today I suggest that we have a look at one tool that can be installed on your computer and can be used even without the Internet access.

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How to Make a Free Website in 5 Minutes

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I bet that you have burst into a fit of laughter reading the title. But I’ll show you in the post that it is not a myth and it is quite real to create a website in 5 minutes. What formerly seemed impossible, now becomes possible with an open source publishing platform WordPress. A simple, yet feature-rich solution gives a chance for everyone to build a good-looking website without hiring a dedicated team.

Here is a short guide how to make a website using this cool online resource.

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Haiku Deck is the Best Free Presentation Maker for iPad

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Haiku Deck is one of the best free presentation makers for iPad. It can’t completely replace Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote for Mac,  but Haiku Deck iOS app definetely deserves to be reviewed. Look at the Haiku Deck presentation sample below that I’ve made in less than 1 minute!

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