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10 Sweet Website Design Tips to Cut WP Site Cost in 2015

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Website Design Tips to Cut WP Site Cost in 2015

Relatively few small business owners evaluate the real pricing tag before jump into web building. According to the cost of ordinary vCard site is between $2000 to $25000 in USA in 2015. It includes design, hosting, maintenance, copywriting, content management and SEO. Since site is such an expensive investment, you would expect high ROI. Unfortunately, web development often turns into financial catastrophe.

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Haiku Deck is the Best Free Presentation Maker for iPad

September 13, 2014 |  by  |  No Comments  |  Share

Haiku Deck is one of the best free presentation makers for iPad. It can’t completely replace Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote for Mac,  but Haiku Deck iOS app definetely deserves to be reviewed. Look at the Haiku Deck presentation sample below that I’ve made in less than 1 minute!

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How to Save Edited Photos in PhotoScape without Backup Duplicates

September 5, 2014 |  by  |  2 Comments  |  Share

Duplicate Folder with Original Images made by PhotoScape

PhotoScape is great free photo editing software that can resize pictures, make photo mosaics, slides, change image backgrounds and perform other advanced image manipulations like pictures overlaying. But PhotoScape editor has one small peculiarity. Every time you save an edited picture, PhotoScape creates an additional folder called “Originals” where it puts the original not-edited image copy (see on the screenshot above). Thus, with each photo editing attempt, the number of image duplicates increases on your computer and you may run out free hard disk space at some point.

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FastStone: All in One – Image Viewer, Converter & Editor

September 4, 2014 |  by  |  No Comments  |  Share

FastStone Image Viewer is a free, powerful image viewer enriched with numerous useful features. FastStone Image viewer views and edits images, makes a photo slideshow with music, creates desktop wallpapers, works with scanners and much more. The list of helpful tools wrapped in a free for home use image viewer is impressive.

FastStone Free Image Viewer

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IrfanView Makes Excellent Panoramic Photos for Free

August 30, 2014 |  by  |  No Comments  |  Share

Panorama Photos

Panorama photos are one of the latest trends in digital photography. Panoramic photos are good for displaying landscapes, sightseeing, monuments, and object covering vast area. But they are rare in our home photo collections.

Usually after vacations we bring several separate photos of one place or building. We explain to our friends that we couldn’t shoot it as one pic and ask them to believe that it looks gorgeous as a united monument unit. But there is one free program that can save your friends’ imagination – IrfanView. It creates one panorama photo out of a few split pictures.

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How to Overlay Two Images in PhotoScape (Guide)

August 14, 2014 |  by  |  2 Comments  |  Share

PhotoScapePhotoScape is probably #1 ranked free photo editor. Although, it’s often recommended for basic photo editing, PhotoScape hides lots of useful features for advanced photo enhancement. Previously, we reviewed its solutions for changing photo background, today we will explain how to place one image above another one or speaking more professionally “how to overlay two images” in PhotoScape.

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