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Apple iPad is a real substitute for a desktop computer. All iPads Mini, Air and Pro are great for capturing photos, editing pictures, viewing, storing them and even making screenshots. If you love to play with photos then you’ll easily end up getting photo apps in AppStore. However, when you are looking out for quicker results, you need some of the best photo applications for iPad.

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Below, here is the list of top 10 best free photo editing apps for iPad that help you:

  • edit photos, make photo collages,
  • upload photos from iPad to popular online photo storages,
  • create photo slideshows on iPad,
  • get rid of red eyes,
  • blur image background or any unwanted objects on your pictures,
  • add artistic filters and stickers,
  • retouch your selfies and so on.

In a word, these top free iPad photo editors will make your photos look even better on your iOS gadget.

1. Picsart Photo Editor

Picsart Photo & Video Editor iPad app

Picsart iPad app is a genuine continuation of its big web version which is famous for wonderful cartoonizating and anime options– see our review for details. As its web brother, Picsart free iPad app is one the simplest iPad photo editors in the universe for adding photo effects and filters on your HD pictures.

The app will resize, crop, rotate pics or make photo collages, if you wish. Picsart will apply sophisticated photo filters, stickers and photo effects to your images. So each your average looking pic will turn into a real masterpiece. Picsart has SO many tools and useful features that deserves an ultimate tutorial to learn all photo manipulation techniques on iPad.

Don’t waste your time and watch Picsart ultimate photo editing tutorial below:

Download Picsart iPad app here

2. Canva

Canva Graphic Design & Video iPad App

Canva is an excellent free photo collage maker for iPad Mini & Air. If you’re a lucky owner of iPad Pro for business, check our guide for making great banners for YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram on Canva. With Canva you can prepare photo collages with any layout and edit each photo element of your collage. Besides, you can choose what color will fill in the space between images. Apply photo filter (such as: blur, sepia, black and white, colorize) and share your photo collage with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can always save your photo collage on iPad and edit it later.

Watch Canva quick start guide and see how to use Canva on iPad:

Download Canva iPad app here

3. Facetune2

Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks

Do you want a perfect Instagram selfie with natural retouch effect? Yes? Install Facetune and harvest millions of likes on Instagram. This free photo application is among the most powerful tools for working with personal photos no matter when you take them: at day or at night. Facetune2 editor contains solid editing features which help to adjust sharpness, brightness and saturation to a great extent.

Besides, there are a bunch of advanced filters and add-ons. You may use them for experimenting with your photos and thus give a creative twist to your images.

Here’s Facetune2 photo editing tutorial on natural retouch for your Instagram selfies – watch now:

Download Facetune2 Editor for iPad here

4. Google Photos

Google Photos iPad app

We’ve already reviewed Google Photos as one of the best online photo managers for photographers and people who love to keep images in order. Having Google Photos on iPad enables you to:

  • surf amazing collections of pictures from your past,
  • upload your own pictures from iPad to Google Photos storage,
  • edit slightly your images (including retouching),
  • check recent photo activity of contacts, family and friends,
  • comment on their pictures,
  • add geo-tags to your iPad shoots,
  • and even print pictures (yeah, we know it’s sounds quite old-fashioned, but still useful sometimes).

To sum it up, Google Photos iPad app is as comfortable to use as its online peer. But the most popular feature of Google Photos on iPad is online backup which helps to free up space on your iPad Mini or Air. These iPads with tiny free inbuilt space need Google Photos help, so you never run out of free space for your pics.

 Watch step by step video tutorial and learn how to free up space on iPad using Google Photos:

Download Google Photos for iPad here

5. FaceApp

FaceApp Face Editor App for iPad

FaceApp was named many times the most downloaded photo editor apps of 2019! It would be a shame if there was no Faceapp on your iPad. Fortunately, developers of this portrait photo editor decided to prove that Faceapp is best of the best and released a wonderful free iOS app which became popular among the iPad users. Be sure to find smart AI photo editing features in the iPad app. There are a number of editing options like photo retouching, sex and age tweaking, changing hair cut and color, adding mustche and beard, or add glasses to photo which could help you in giving a new edge to your pictures.

And that’s not all, you have lots of photo filters and effects called Retro, Hollywood and Black and White which all make your pictures more beautiful and unique. Also, these filters could be layered easily over each other. Lastly, you can share the finished photos over social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Watch FaceApp for iOS video review below:

Download Faceapp iPad app here

6. VSCO Photo Editor

VSCO Photo Editor app for iPad

VSCO Photo Editor is a full-feature photo editor for iPad. This app includes all most used photo editing options along with helping you to rotate, crop, draw, doodle and resize over your photos. You could make some changes over photo color, contrast and brightness. The array of photo filters in VSCO editing app is worthy look. These effects remind a bit popular online photo editors like FotoJet Photo Montager or Loonapix. So if you want to decorate your pic with a birthday photo frames, for example, VSCO app is suitable for it.

One more vital feature of VSCO photo app is that it helps to connect your edited picture with the curated audience of amateur and professional photographers (similar to what ViewBug does).

Watch video tutorial to find out how to edit photos on iPad with VSCO:

Download VSCO Photo & Video Editor iPad app here

7. PicCollage

PicCollage app for iPad

PicCollage is a free iPad photo collage app for home users. This photo application is made for those who love organize pictures into stories for special moments in life like wedding, anniversary, baby slower, etc.

First of all, it helps to make perfect photos from your iPad camera roll. You can choose a proper photo composition and layout from the Grids and Templates tabs: square, free shapes, or ready presets for common evens (Christmas, summer,  birthday, etc). Set appropriate font, background and stickers for your collage on iPad. Obviously, if photo is taken right, it’s much easier to enhance.

Then, like popular online collage makers Photovisi and PhotoFunia, PicCollage empowers you with pro-photo tools such as transformations, cut out tool, filters, text bubbles, frames. If you prefer to rely on automatic photo editing means, just tap “Auto” tab and PicCollage app will improve the photo collage in a second.

Watch video tutorial how to use PicCollage app on iPad:

Download PicCollage Photo Layout Edits app for iPad here

8. Snapseed

Snapseed app for iPad

If you one of those, who love to view beautiful images, Snapseed app for iPad is the photo app that you must install on your Apple tablet. Snapseed is among most popular photo apps on both Google Play and AppStore. Snapseed is the best photo app for iPad Pro thanks to its toolbox: high-resolution professional photo editing of landscapes, nature, cities, portraits, etc. Snapseed iPad app facilitates advanced photo enhancement from mobile device with the help of curves, white balance, brushes, healing tool, HDR effects, lens blur and so on.

Watch video guide explaining how to use Snapseed app on iPad Pro:

Download Snapseed iPad app here

9. ToonMe

ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor app for iPad

ToonMe is another fun photo editor that deserves your attention. This app turns your face from of photo into a cartoon. Basically, ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor adds not a plain cartoon selfie over your image. But it also changes background for your picture into a drawing. We’ve described how similar fun photo editors work in our previous posts like FotoSketcher Turns Photos into Drawings and How to Add Anime Characters to Pictures. So have a look at them to get best editing results.

Surely, ToonMe will completely rearrange your picture and turn it into something new. There is only one drawback – ToonMe iPad app offers limited free sketching options. If you need more cartoonization features, try PicsArt alternative above.

Watch ToonMe app video tutorial and master how to use ToonMe on iOS gadgets:

Download ToonMe iPad app here

10. AirBrush

AirBrush Photo Editor for iPad app

AirBrush for iPad is a kind of photo retouching and photo editing application. It provides unique and smart filters and effects that makes your photo look good for all social networks. Like Citrify for Windows, AirBrush whitens your teeth, cleans your skin, improves your makeup, helps to get rid of wrinkles, freckles and scars. Hardly ever AirBrush would replace a “photo editor” app in its traditional meaning of a tool for picture improvement. But AirBrush for iPad will entertain you with funky transformations like making portraits and selfies using soft filters and removing red eyes.

Watch an Instagram user video and how-to guide showing you how edit pics in AirBrush on iOS:

Download AirBrush for iPad app here

Now is your turn to share the best of iPad photo apps list! For which app would you vote?

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