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Choose the best image background removal applications available online for your project. If PhotoScape background removal doesn’t help to get rid of visual discomfort on your pictures, discover the best method for removing undesired backgrounds from images. We collected more tools from our study and present the top ten tools for 2022. One point to be noted here, we have selected 5 apps each for Mac OS and Windows. Let’s proceed.

5 Best Image BG Removal Applications for Windows

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is used for graphic design, picture editing, and other purposes. Many photo artist expect to remove image background API from Adobe when googling “remove background from image Photoshop”. This program makes use of comprehensive software to remove undesirable backgrounds from photographs. It may also merge many photographs or trim portions of them without sacrificing image quality. You may also use Adobe Photoshop to build gorgeous website templates.

Pros: Works across all platforms. The tool and can generate stunning designs, for example logos, business cards, and other visuals.

Cons: It might take a long time removing the backdrop. Strong skills required for making significant changes to the photograph.

Cons: You must practice as much as possible before using it. Adobe Photoshop offers a pricey membership plan in comparison to other products.

2. Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire is an excellent picture eraser tool for removing backgrounds from photographs. This tool is also ideal for picture retouching because it has a plethora of editing choices such as frames, filters, and effects. You can rotate and crop photographs using Wondershare Fotophire. Don’t worry about the quality of the output. You may also use the application to make beautiful slideshows and post them on other social networking sites. Wondering how does the background remover work? – find the answer in the remove image background automatically tutorial above!

Pros: Easy interface. No watermarks in the program’s free edition. Adds stunning frames, filters, and effects to their images.

Cons: You have to buy subscription. This program is not available for Mac or Linux users. Wondershare Fotophire used a large amount of RAM.

3. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is yet another clever tool for Windows users. Remove backgrounds from images. Can I remove the background from a picture for free? You may use this software’s advanced editing capabilities to improve and beautify your photographs.

Pros: PhotoScissors gives a free basic package to check out its capabilities before registering. It is utilized in the e-commerce industry. The photo’s backdrop can be changed to a transparent background.

Cons: The input size of the file has limits. Images with resolutions less than 10MB cannot be uploaded to Photo Scissors. The outcomes are slower in manual mode.

4. Auto Background Changer + Eraser

auto background removal
Here’s example of Auto Background Changer + Remove bg Eraser

You may remove the backdrop from your images with the “Auto Background Remover + Changer” app. It’s so simple to use! Adding, editing, and exporting photographs from your local disk are all required procedures. You may also share images with pals online by using social networking sites. You can also restore the picture to its default condition.

Pros: The application’s dynamic design makes it simple to use. Using the built-in editing tools, crop, crop, and add objects to your photographs. All photographs that have been modified can be posted on social media.

Cons: Hair change and specified edge features are not available. Manual editing is time-consuming and dangerous. Only a few factors are acceptable when changing the backdrop of a photograph.

5. Microsoft Office Photo Background Remover

MS Office Word picture editing tool for the Windows operating system. It includes a backdrop removal function for portraits and objects such as people and products. The interface is so simple to use. Start MS Word, click on a photo you want to get rid of background. Then on the toolbar, select Picture Format > Remove Background, or Format > Remove Background. You may use the software to change photo backdrops, extract an image, add objects, trim photographs, and make presentations.

Pros: You may add things to your high-quality images and erase the background. To use the software, you might already have Microsoft Word Office suite on your PC.

Cons: If you do not cancel your existing membership plan, it will automatically renew. MS Office Photo Background Remover does not offer the edge refinement needed to smooth the edges of your photographs.

Top 5 Apps to Remove Picture Background for Mac OS

1. Super PhotoCut

Super PhotoCut is a free photo background cleaner designed specifically for Mac OS. This application seeks to remove the background from images while maintaining image quality. With this tool, you may apply over 20 different backdrop effects to your images to make them more appealing. Because of its easy interface, you do not need to be a technological expert to use this program. But, there are certain limitations to Super PhotoCut. Other than the background cleaning service, this program does not offer any extra services. No eliminating unwanted themes or other functions. The application employs AI technology, but the procedure is lengthy, so users must wait a few minutes before seeing the results.

Pros: The service contains manual editing tools for complicated photographs. There are over 20 backdrop effects to choose from, including: Disc Blur, Gaussian Blur, Box Blur, etc.

Cons: The tool is only compatible with Mac OS, does not support mass editing, and cannot recover lost modifications.


GIMP is another good software for free background removal on Mac OS. There are 4 selection tools: free, rectangular, blur, and the eclipse selection. After eliminating the foreground backdrop, you may tweak your picture background using one of GIMP’s many custom themes. One of the most serious issues is having difficulty deleting undesirable wallpapers with this tool.

Pros: Cool options and advanced features as in Adobe Photoshop, but free. Works on Linux OS as well.

Cons: not so easy as Adobe. Suitable only for photo editing professionals.

3. Acorn 7 (or 6)

The magic wand selection tool in the basic but efficient Acorn 6 image editor removes the background from a picture. You may do this with the Alpha Eraser fast tool. You may use this tool to make picture collages. Annotate your photographs with phrases and shapes, and even create something new.

Pros: 14 days free trial and cheap license for OSX

Cons: It’s downloadable software, needs installation. Old-fashioned tutorials.

4. Movavi

Movavi Photo Editor is one of the top Mac background image removal programs. Many of the application’s fascinating themes allow you to replace the picture backdrop after removing the previous one. When you remove image background, Movavi Picverse offers photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networks.

Pros: Movavi has an engaging user interface. You can publish photographs to social networks, and you may alter the backdrop of your photos with colorful themes.

Cons: There is no means to repair damaged hair fibers. It only supports a few processing tasks, and the basic surgical ideas are difficult to grasp.

5. Fotor

You may use Fotor Photo Editor to edit your photographs whenever you like. But here you can also remove background online free of your pictures. Add fantastic effects, creative filters, emoticons, and messages added. This program does not request you to be an expert. Works well on Mac OS.

Pros: With a few touches, you can erase backgrounds from images. A basic web design that is compatible with Mac OS.

Cons: To use all the software’s functions, you must buy the premium package. Free Fotor Photo Editor does not include tools for editing product photos or graphics.

So which app do you like the most?

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