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Picnik is one of the first web-based photo editing applications. It was invented by 3 game developers in Seattle in 2007. Their main idea was to create an easy and fun photo editing tool that would live in the browser. It meant that Picnik should be accessible to everyone from any web device. Nowadays you can hardly amaze anybody with online photo editing software. But 5 years ago it was a real cutting edge.

Picnik popularity grew thanks to its integration with Facebook. It won several prominent tech awards in 2007. Later on it turned into one of the best online photo editors. On the 1st of March, 2010 Google acquired the project. And now it is closing in April. Though some functionality of Picnik will be available on Google + and some features will be built in Picasa, a desktop alternative to Picnik.

Many amateur photographers and I personally will miss Picnik. Its appeal lies in simplicity and stylish interface. There is no learning curve. Photo tweaking and editing in Picnik is as easy as 1 2 3. Everything is extremely logical and simple. At the same time the app offers a variety of powerful editing tools that go beyond the simple red eye correction or color tone shift. A wide range of stickers, fun frames and other cool add-ons help users express their creativity through every image.

Picnik Online Photo Editing

Why can I hardly imagine my life without picniking? Here are top 10 reasons:

  1. simplicity
  2. user-friendly interface
  3. cross platform (works on Windows, MAC and Linux OS)
  4. easy photo manipulation
  5. seamless integration with a lot of photo sharing sites (such as Flickr, Picasa,Yahoo! Mail, etc.)
  6. amazingly fast
  7. feature rich
  8. email images to anybody or to any web site
  9. pull images in from any website
  10. tons of special effects, from artsy to fun

On the one hand there are desktop alternatives to Picnik such as Picasa, Photoscape, IrfanView or Faststone Image Viewer but they run mostly on Windows OS, inaccessible for MAC and Linux users. On the other hand you can find similar web-based applications. We have already overviewed some of them, for example BeFunky, Loonapix, Pixrl-o-Matic, etc. These apps have certain drawbacks. For instance, Lonapix has limited functionality and stands out for its photo frames. BeFunky contains basic editing tools, but it is not so user-friendly as Picnik.

As you can see each application has its advantages and shortages. From my point of view, no online photo editor can compare with Picnik as it is almost ideal. Do you agree with me?

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  1. Joni TX

    I am having a really hard time accepting that picnik will be no more! I am trying to learn lightroom. I wish that they would sell it as software. I would pay big for it. So bummed.

  2. anna

    I have same feelings Joni, it’s hard to replace Picnik with something else.

  3. Debbie

    Same here. It seems it’s this way with everything. Each time I find a “signature” cologne I love, they discontinue it, for example. And now, Picnik is going away.

    I am more disappointed than there are words to express that Picnik will no more. I love the “Wrinkle Remover” the best, but truly, all its features are amazing. How can they take it away and not replace it with something very similar? I too would PAY for it if Picnik were offered as a software package.

    This is the most disappointing news EVER!!!

  4. 3DP

    I started out using Picasa then started using Picnik for all my editing. Very disappointed about the closing of Picnik. 🙁 It would be great if was offered as a software package or merge with Picasa.

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