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What is a mosaic picture? It’s a a picture with many pictures inside of it. Mosaics can be digital images, printed mosaic tile posters on your wall or full resolution mosaic pictures in frames hanging on your wall. No matter what type of mosaic picture you want to make, PhotoScape offers you over 100 mosaic templates with different design, style and layout.

What is the Best Free Photo Mosaic Software?

PhotoScape is one of the best photo mosaic software as of 2021. It’s a powerful free photo editor with page tile creation options. The ability to edit images, make photo mosaics and print them give us the right to call PhotoScape best photo mosaic software for Windows PCs. If you want to make photo mosaics on Mac, then use PhotoScape X.

How Many Photos Do You Need for a Photo Mosaic?

To make awesome photo mosaics you need at least 4 images. The right answer – it depends on the final size of your mosaics and the number of details you want to have. The good news is that all images can be of different file size, but preferrably of high resolution, so the resulting photo mosaics looks good on any device or paper.

Actually, I was going to show you how you can locate your pictures in various, sometimes incredible places in the page sample. The task becomes even trickier if you think of color scheme, faces, frames, background and photo effects at the same time.

Let’s say I plan to create a kind of a mosaic in Medieval style. All I need is to download free pictures (always take into account the copyright and image licenses) and open PhotoScape.

How to Make a Photo Mosaic Free?

It’s quite easy and fast to create a photo mosaic in PhotoScape. Follow 8 steps below to make a photo mosaic free:

1. Select Mosaic Sample

Open PhotoScape and select the Page menu. In the right bar, look through the page samples.

Open PhotoScape pages to make a mosaic

I’m going to find some template that would like this glass mosaic:

Mosaic Sample

And I think that sample main_b_08 is the best match.

PhotoScape mosaic page sample

2. Find Pictures for Your Mosaic

In the left bar, find the folder with the pics that you are going to transfer into something faerie. A small tip before you start your work, think over a concept. Or skip the tip and keep on doing what you like until the inspiration is with you.

3. Drag and Drop Pictures in Your Mosaic

PhotoScape enables you to drag-and drop images to the chosen template. You can adjust images in the cells so they fit into frames exactly. If you don’t like how the image looks in the future mosaic just press the Delete button and place another picture to the cell.

Create PhotoScapу Mosaic

This the result of Step 3. But don’t you think that I’m done. The picture doesn’t resemble the origin and I’m going to edit it as much as possible. So this is only the beginning of the toilsome work.

PhotoScape Mosaic

4. Change Size and Ratio

First, I change the size and proportions of the sample page. To do this, on the right tool bar, find and click the Size button. I chose 150% size and 4:3 ratio.

PhotoScape Mosaic Page

5. Change Margin Size

To change the margin size, on the right tool bar, find the Margin window and set up the margins width. PhotoScape is great as you can immediately view the changes in the editing area. I set up 13 for margin size and rounded the corners of the separate mosaic pieces.

Set up Margin Size in PhotoScape

6. Change Background Color

Unfortunately, I’m not good at matching the colors that’s why I just added the standard gray to the background.

Change Mosaic Background in PhotoScape

7. Apply Frames

In PhotoScape, you can easily apply a different frame to an individual picture of your mosaic. Just remember that the more pieces your mosaic contains the more times you have to click while applying the frames.

To play with the frames, in the right tool bar, click the Filter button, a frames list opens. Select the picture you are going to apply the frame to and choose the appropriate one.

Apply Frames to PhotoScape Mosaic

After I did my work, I got this:

PhotoScape Mosaic

8. Apply Filters

To apply filters to your almost ready mosaic, switch to the Edit mode by clicking the Edit button in the right tool bar.

Apply Filters to PhotoScape Mosaic

I applied the Bloom filter and I stop here. Below, you’ll the result. Of course, it’s not the clone of the image that served as a prototype for my “masterpiece” but still I’m happy and maybe I’ll even make a portfolio out of PhotoScape mosaic pages or boast them on my personal Google site. It was my sole attempt to share my experience with you.

PhotoScape MosaicIf you are interested, I suggest that you have a look at YouTube PhotoScape below tutorial teaching how to make photo mosaics free. Have fun!

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