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A WordPress Theme is a collection of graphics and code that let you impart your website or a blog a freshly new look. There is a pool of fine WordPress themes on the Internet. WordPress themes are classified by price (free & paid), various categories (like music, arts, business, etc), different layout options, color and features.

You can download a pretty website framework for free. The main advantages of free WordPress Theme galleries – no account registration and fees are required. Navigate through the website, select a theme that fits your needs and download it or copy a template with the right click of the mouse to your computer. The essential shortage of free WordPress Themes is the necessity to put a link leading to the origin. Moreover it runs across the whole website.

Besides, Internet abounds with premium WordPress themes. Most  resources require membership subscription. After signing up and creating an account you have to choose between pricing plans. Then you can download any framework to your liking. You might ask yourself why I should pay when there is an overchoice of free design templates. As a rule paid WordPress theme sources offer extra features in addition to elegant and versatile page layouts. You can get fine-tune customization of the chosen framework, premium support from a qualified designer, an ability to add controls to your website. Don’t forget about such an important factor as optimization for search engines. All these features are hardly expected from a free theme.

Now that you know pros and cons of both free and paid WordPress Themes it will be easier for you to make the right choice. And finally I would like to give you a complete list of WP theme collections to help you pick the most suitable design scheme.

Free Theme Download Sources

1. wordpress.org/extend/themes/
2. wordpressthemesgallery.org
3. freewordpressthemes4u.com
4. creattica.com/free-wordpress-themes/
5. wordpressthemesbase.com
6. Seo-themes (not available anymore)
7. freewpthemes.co
8. myfreewordpressthemes.net
9. bTemplates (not available anymore)
10. photothemes.itsth.com
11. wpshower.com
12. wordpressthemesfree.org
13. wordpresstemplates.com
14. bgthemes.com
15. skinpress.com
16. newwpthemes.com
17. prowordpressthemes.com
18. free-wordpress-themes.com
19. themesjunction.com
20. wpcorner.com
21. nthemes.net
22. leadcamp.com
23. WPdressing (not available anymore)
24. wordpressthemeshock.com
25. moonthemes.com
26. simplethemes.org
27. purethemes.org
28. graphpaperpress.com
29. simplewordpressthemes.org
30. wordpressthemeshock.com
31. themespack.com
32. wordpressthemesbook.com
33. wp-geek.org
34. themes4you.net
35. freewordpressthemes.net
36. themewp.net/free-wordpress
37. wplayout.com
38. fwpmt.com
39. wordpress-themes-land.com
40. themesplice.com

Premium Theme Download Sources

1. wordpressthemes.com
2. woothemes.com
3. elegantthemes.com
4. diythemes.com
5. webdesignlessons.com/topics/wordpress-themes
6. themeforest.net
7. topwpthemes.com
8. templatesold.com
9. standardtheme.com
10. premiumwptheme.net
11. pixelthemestudio.ca
12. themepix.com
13. mynewthemes.com
14. paddsolutions.com
15. wordpress-themes.co
16. methemes.com
17. ithemes.com
18. theme-junkie.com
19. obox-design.com
20. solostream.com
21. pagelines.com
22. themeshift.com
23. gorillathemes.com/themes
24. studiopress.com/themes
25. gabfirethemes.com
26. wpzoom.com/themes
27. upthemes.com/themes
28. wpyuzu.com
29. wparcade.com
30. Aloha Themes (not available anymore)
31. Tokokoo Themes (not available anymore)
32. flexithemes.com/themes
33. organizedthemes.com
34. nattywp.com
35. avjthemes.com
36. proudthemes.com
37. thethemefoundry.com
38. bizzthemes.com
39. vooshthemes.com
40. press75.com
41. themetrust.com/themes
42. themify.me
43. vivathemes.com
44. Chimera Themes (Not available anymore)
45. acosmin.com/premium-wordpress-themes
46. pandathemes.com/wordpress-themes
47. themefuse.com
48. richwp.com
49. organicthemes.com
50. kreativethemes.com
51. simplethemes.com
52. rockettheme.com/wordpress-themes
53. magazine3.com/themes
54. appthemes.com
55. ufothemes.com
56. beatheme.com
57. iwakthemes.com
58. impressatheme.com
59. foxhoundbandthemes.com
60. mojo-themes.com

Image Source: edudemic.com

Updated on March 1, 2016

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