home page designHome page is a face of any website. Since it gets the major portion of site traffic, it is extremely important to produce the first pleasing impression on the visitors. If  users cannot find what they are looking for on your website, if they are lost thanks to tricky navigation, if they don’t understand how they can benefit from your offers, they are more likely to leave the page immediately.

There are certain elements that any home page must have. They help you win visitors’ attention and loyalty, decrease bounce rate and increase sales or traffic volume.

First of all, the headline and sub-headline of any resource should answer three main questions:

  1. what does the website offer,
  2. what are its advantages,
  3. why do users choose your products.

The description should be brief, no longer than 2 sentences written in a clear manner. It is advantageous to include some key words giving a hint what kind of services or products a visitor can get.

Insert customers’ favourable references, awards to win customers trust. Don’t forget to place a photo referring to your business and a logo because as a rule people perceive information visually.

And the last but not the least important element of the home page is a call-to-action. Think over thoroughly what actions your visitors should make, whether you want them to buy products, sign up for a newsletter, fill in the registration form, etc. You can place  banners, effective buttons  “Sign up”, “Join”, “Purchase” or links stimulating visitors to get more information.

The infographic designed by Hubspot describes the key components of home pages vividly. Please, check out if your website has got all of them or probably something has been omitted.

12 critical elements every website homepage must have infographic

This is a brief overview of the top elements any website home page must have. If, dear readers, you have any questions, comments or suggestions we are always ready to go deep into the matter and discuss all the ideas with you.

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