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St. Valentine’s Day is coming. And it is time to prepare a wonderful surprise for those whom we truly love or make an exceptional declaration of love. Multiple collage makers come to our rescue. A romantic collage with hearts will surely soften and touch your sweetheart.In this article we’ll observe how to create lovely collages with hearts using 3 popular online collage makers.


  1. Photovisi

Collage with Hearts by Photovisi

To create a collage with Photovisi collage maker, you have to choose one of the templates in the category “Love“. Then upload photos either from your computer or webcam. Unfortunately the choice of ready templates isn’t very rich but you can customize them.

Photovisi lets you change background, add texts, and shapes including hearts of different forms, sizes and colors. You can either organize photos in the form of a heart, the so-called shaped collage, or insert faces in hearts. Managing photos inside the collage with the help of editing tools such as cropping, moving the selected images back and forth, deleting, is quite easy.

When the collage is ready, press the Finish button . You can select the size of your collage. There are only 3 options at your disposal and you cannot setup the desired size on your own. Share the collage in social networks, email to your friends or download on your pc.

2. Pizap

Heart-shaped Collage by Pizap

Open Pizap, select “Collages” and choose a template under the tab in the form of a heart. The procedure of making collages is just the same like in Photovisi. But the range of templates is much wider. Cut off unnecessary parts from images with a special Cut-out tool. Fit images the frame sizes with the drag-and-drop and rotate them 180 degrees if necessary with the rotation arrow. Additionally, you can apply amusing photo effects to images used in the collage, add stickers and borders.

Pizap collection of numerous heart templates will meet the needs of any sophisticated user.

3. Fotor

Romantic Collage by Fotor

Fotor stands out from the two popular collage makers.  It allows you to create romantic heart-shaped collages, has simple hints that guide you through the collage making process. Moreover, thanks to Fotor, you can create your own St. Valentine’s cards with a few mouse clicks. The predefined templates with hearts are simple and to be found under the tab “Funky collages”. As for fitting the frames the application uses techniques similar to Pizap.

Fotor Collage Funky Collages

While making a heart-shaped collage you can use just one picture multiplied 100 and over times. This is a very convenient feature saving your time. Fotor lacks the ability to send a ready Valentine to the addressee. You have to save it on your computer before emailing. Very disappointing, indeed! At the same time Fotor is more feature-rich and flexible.

Fotor St. Valentine's Card

All three collage makers have user-friendly interfaces. They differ from each other by the number of templates, sharing sources and editing tools.

We wish you Happy Valentine’s Day and hope that you’ll  amaze your dearest and nearest with unforgettable heart-shaped collages.

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