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Do you like to relax painting with crayons your favorite coloring pages with flowers or mandala ornament? Or maybe unicorns, Disney or anime characters? Sometimes, it’s a really funny to make the craziest painting in the world in a coloring book.

The only problem that you sooner or later face is the lack of drawing pages in a book that you’ve bought recently. Fortunately, I know 3 best ways to get free printable coloring pages online. Here’s how to print coloring sheets on your home printer or download them as PDF files for kids:

Way #1. Best Websites for Free Coloring Pages

This is the easiest way to find sketch pages online in both printable and downloadble PDF format. The only disadvantage is that most of the sites of this kind offer templates for kids, preschool children or unicorns. But, there are website with free coloring pages with mandala and art therapy. Let’s explore the best of the best! – again number one on my list. I have already written about it in my post on self-made calendars. There is a collection of free coloring pages to any child’s taste: cartoons (summer, princesses, animals, flower, various geometric shapes…) and different ages: toddlers, preschool, school kids. What I liked most of all is that offers a set of pages grouped by one category. Click on the category filter on the right and choose the pages to view their details and print or download as PDF files. Besides, there are no download limits, so take any number of black and white drawings as you need for your family, kindergarten, or school class. I’m sure all preschool teachers will like it!

Moreover, there are many free mandala coloring pages. If you’re looking for painting pages art therapy, then HP is your choice. As with coloring pages for boys and girls, the coloring pages for older people are unlimited to download and print. You don’t have to create an account, just select an easy or hard level that you like and download or print it in PDF format. Here you can print relaxing color pages with flowers, fairy, summer, roses, abstract, animals, landscape, garden, butterfly, travel, etc. Coloring Pages

Crayola is the best website for free art pages for kids of all ages! Crayola, the most famous manufacturer of crayon pencils, is one more inspiring website that combines the idea of coloring pages with making handmade presents and learning useful things. There is a section for kids – click here. For example, you choose the page Look Mom, I’m growing up and your child can paint it, measure the height, and you can view related paintings below. This very example is very popular, since is has been already printed 3129 times. Besides, I have to note that there are sketch pages for older people as well, so here you can get relaxing adding colors to these pages and to have fun with your kids.

Watch Crayola free coloring pages video review below:

Twistynoodle ( – the best website for coloring pages for the smallest kids. Here you find the simplest templates for your little ones. For example, there are back to school pages, letters and numbers, math, geometry and cars. Print pages on your home printer or save images as PDFs. If you plan use this website quite often, then you can save new pages to Favorites (you’ll need to create a free account to do this).

Coloring pages for the little kids

Way #2. Print Free Coloring Sheets from Google

Google Image search contains tons of free coloring sheets that you can download in PDF format or print directly on your home printer. You don’t need to install any software or visit any other websites. Just open on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, and get any number of sheets for old and young people.

Free coloring pages from Google Image search

Here’s how to print free coloring sheets using only Google, or any other search engine that you like:

  1. Type in “free coloring page” or “free coloring sheets” in Google;
  2. Go to the Images tab;
  3. There you’ll find dozens of examples not only for children, but also for their parents.
  4. And don’t forget to check the related creative sheets categories at the top such as princess or cute.
  5. Download or print any sheet with drawings that you want after clicking on it.

While I was searching Google, I stumbled upon such popular drawing topics as:

  • unicorn;
  • flower;
  • summer;
  • animal;
  • mandala;
  • superhero;
  • dragon;
  • disney;
  • moana;
  • minecraft;
  • rainbow;
  • puppy;
  • love;
  • butterfly;
  • fairy;
  • frozen;
  • batman;
  • my little pony;
  • winnie the pooh;
  • nature;
  • pokemon;
  • star wars

So don’t miss your chance to get painting sheets on any topic that seems exciting!

Way #3. Make Free Coloring Page Online or in Free Photo Editors

One more way to get a customized coloring page where you can be the main character is to use an online photo editor or photo editing software. Just use a photo that you have and turn it into black and white image or apply drawing effect to make it black and white. Then print your image on your printer. Following way #3 you can be sure that you have all copyrights for printing and making your coloring pages. And moreover, you don’t have to pay anything for it!

Apply photo effects to get coloring pages

Here’s how to make a free coloring page online or with PC software step by step:

  1. You’ll have to select a photo from your phone or computer;
  2. Select a photo editing app you want to use: an online picture to anime converter or PhotoScape X, FotoSketcher, Sketchpad or PhotoMania Drawings section
  3. Go to the effects tab of a photo editor and apply a cartoon effect or a pencil sketch effect.
  4. Save your black and white pic as JPEG, PNG
  5. Print your image on printer and start drawing and relaxing!

For example, watch PhotoScape X video tutorial and learn how to turn image into black and white drawing:

If you know any other ways to get a drawing’s page, please share your ideas in comments!

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