3 Ways to Get a Coloring Page

Coloring pages

Sometimes it’s a dire necessity because you have to calm down a child who is very upset. Sometimes it’s also a dire necessity because you need to calm down yourself and it’s a good idea just to paint a coloring page. Sometimes it’s a really funny game for adults to make the craziest painting in the world.

I know 3 ways to get a coloring page. All the details are below.

Find a Website with Ready Templates

This is the easiest way and the only disadvantage is that most of the sites of this kind offer templates for children.

HP.com - again number one on my list. I have already written about it in my post on self-made calendars. A collection of free coloring pages to any child’s taste: cartoons (Shrek, How to train your dragon, princesses, various geometric shapes…). What I liked most of all is that HP.com offers a set of coloring pages united by one topic. Click on the set and choose the pages to view their details and print.

HP.com Coloring Pages

Crayola - one more inspiring website that combines the idea of coloring pages with making handmade presents and learning useful things. For example, you choose the coloring page Look Mom, I’m growing up and your child can paint it, measure the height, and you can view related coloring pages below. This very example is very popular, since is has been already printed 3129 times.

Twistynoodle - for the smallest ones. Here you find the simplest templates for your little kids.

Coloring pages for the little kids

Google (or any other search engine you like)

Type in “create a coloring page” or “coloring pages” and click on the Images link. There you’ll find dozens of examples not only for children but also for their parents.

Coloring page in Google search
While I was searching Google, I stumbled upon a very nice website named Squidoo which I will certainly overview in one of the upcoming posts. There I found coloring pages with Celtic patterns and if you scroll down the page you’ll find a lot of related topics and links to other coloring pages.

Celtic Pattern Coloring Pages
One more interesting page on Squidoo that contains a lot of interesting facts and coloring pages as well is Peace coloring books.

Online and Desktop Photo Editors

One more way to get a customized coloring page where you can be the main character. You’ll have to select a photo, convert it into a cartoon (see a few option here) or even Word, FotoSketcher, PhotoFaceFun Art section or PhotoFunFace Drawings section  and apply a cartoon effect or a pencil sketch effect.

Apply photo effects to get coloring pages

If you know any other ways to get a coloring page, please share your ideas :))

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