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If you are looking to capture a great landscape or group photo, you always opt for an automated tool that may help you adjust different poses without manual commands. One of the major photographer’s likings is to be a part of remarkable snaps, especially when family or group pictures are captured. But usually, photos require manual control over the camera, including cam-based smartphones.

The selfie trend has become such a popular and preferable way to take photos by holding the smartphone in one hand. This is an easy-to-use practice for a lot of people, but users cannot cover the entire postures and body position through a selfie. The whole body coverage requires a stand-based camera or phone adjusted at a certain position with fixed angle and self-photo shoot support.

This can be achieved through smart apps that perform the actions just like the preset shutter releasing tool. Here we’ve collected the list of top apps for Android phones. Need more selfie timers for iPhone? Check the ultimate list for iOS. So, there are multiple Self Timer Camera Apps that can be directed for taking automatic snapshots after a particular time is completed. Five of them are described with their prominent features.

1. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera

Retrica is an elegant app that lets you add filters to photos and other useful features such as start push-button for taking pictures automatically. Its core value is a camera designed for taking beautiful and Instagram-worthy photos of your moments. With the app, you can easily achieve that ‘perfect shot’ and share your best moments with friends and family.

The idea was simply to take awesome photos in a fun way to share them with others. When the user taps on the stopwatch-like icon, a particular time set is opened to fix the ongoing action. On the other hand, it was a challenging task to build a camera that would have the best qualities of all available filters. But this provides some prominent features to help users.

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2. CamTimer

CamTimer is a smart app for shooting pictures after a specific interval of time that provides segments like seconds and preset directives. If you want to share this experience with others, then all you need to do is click simply for instantly sharing items. It helps you bring joy and inspiration to people from all over the world who are waiting for great photo shots.

Its main goal is not just to be a part of your life for special campaigns but also for effective results with long depictions. It is a free mobile app that lets you record, edit, and upload videos, with no additional photo editing Android apps required. It automatically syncs your videos to the integrated designation, so they will be backed up in your camera roll.

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3. Selfie Camera With Timer

Selfie Camera With Timer

Selfie Camera With Timer is an elegant Android app for shooting snaps within a specified time period. It provides you with one of your foremost requirements as a main tool for taking beautiful photos automatically. It gives you access to an endless number of Instagram-style photo filters and advanced BeFunky effects like blur, bokeh, HDR, lens flare, etc.

Its filters range from warm, faded colors to cool, and crisp ones. With multiple unique effects, you can preview what your photo will look like before even snapping a shot. Its voiceover for making selfies countdown is built to be simple, powerful, and fast. It is an efficient and easy-to-handle selfie recording app that provides you with all the necessary tools to record your portrait scenes in automatic mode.

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4. Self Camera Timer

Self Camera Timer provides you with fantastic photography effects and seamless integration like auto shuttering startup to take snaps after some delay. You’ll never run out of ways to make your photos relevant and effective with recommended changes and cloud sharing compatibility. It automatically records your screen and webcam as you perform an activity or guide someone through a process.

It will then render this as a saved item with a clickable command. It is the smart filter camera supportive app that keeps working efficiently to provide you with innovative features and powerful tools that can help you express your creativity such as photo frames. It tracks your movement and position automatically, so you don’t need to perform any special setup for it to work.

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5. TimerCamera+ Timer Camera for Selfies

TimerCamera+ Timer Camera for Selfies

TimerCamera+ is a valued photo editing app for Android users that allows you to easily create your own professional-quality photo through auto-capture. A key feature of the app is that it allows you to create and embed interactive step-by-step guides on your project.

It also works with any webcam and microphone you have installed on the device. One of its most effective features is the bug-free functionality that helps users enjoy it without any problem. You can then export the particular snaps in several different formats, which makes it easy to embed them in your designated place.

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Final Review

With the advent of smartphones, there are now more ways than ever to capture and edit photos and videos. In the early days of photography, people have been experimenting with different ways to alter the photos they capture.

Described apps have been designed with simplicity in mind. With a clean interface that makes recording and sharing your cool moments with friends easier than ever. So, people can use these apps as a valuable addition for keeping the remarkable glimpses.

Tell us, which app will your install on your Android cellphone or tablet?

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