5 Simple Wedding Photo Editing Tips for Newbies

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding is one of the most important events in life and all of us want to keep best photo memories from the ceremony. Thus, wedding photography must be of highest quality.

Wedding photo editing is a way to get rid of all errors and minor missteps that may have occurred while shooting the photos. Here is the list of 5 simple photo editing tips that will help you to achieve magnificent images even if you are a newbie.

Don't Overdo Photo Editing

As we've said, wedding photos are quite unique. They must be attractive and appealing to the eye of viewers. In wedding photo editing, there are many strategies and ideas that you should always put into consideration.

But in any case follow Rule #1: don't overdo photo editing, so that a couple starts looking unnatural in the pictures. Apply only those techniques that enhance the  beauty of the photos. Remember about standard photo shooting tips and right poses for couples.

Make Pixel-perfect Graphics

First of all, while editing wedding photos, try to to achieve the perfect image size to work with and put all your efforts in correct image resizing. This work gets harder and tougher if you have to work on pixelated photos. To avoid running through such jungles, select a size that suits your images.

Wedding Photo Sample

Liven Up Flat Images with Textures

Flat images are usually quite boring to look at mainly due to the fact that these photos lack depth. However, this situation can be corrected with the use of textures and layering techniques. For example, watch this video tutorial on improving textures in wedding photos with advanced editors like GIMP or Photoshop.

Apply Fake HDR Photo Effect

High dynamic range (HDR) photos usually look really amazing, contrasty and alluring. Here's a sample photo with such photo effect:

Couple photo from wedding ceremony

Therefore, when editing wedding pics, you can transform them to HDR photos to fine-tune their appearance and style. You can apply fake HDR photo effect as explained in the video guide below. Don't forget that the bright and dark spots are clearly visible and totally different from each other on pictures.

Sharpen Photos Appropriately

Sharpening photos is a simple and sophisticated way to improve wedding photo quality, especially if the pic is a bit blurry. But you should not sharpen the whole image, rather certain areas. If you overdo sharpening, you can cut on the quality of the photo’s appearance. See how to do it:


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