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The list of fun photo editors is close to infinity and many of the applications are worth mentioning. But in this article, we would like to observe 5 of them from a different point of view.

We are going to highlight those fun image editors which have cool funny features and give an opportunity to add such amusing elements as moustaches, beard, hats, hair, glasses, crowns, accessories.

A Man with Moustaсhe and a Hat

 1. PicMonkey

Hats in PicMonkey

PicMonkey is useful for making comic pic collages and for image enhancements. The touch up category is the most impressive. You can whiten a model’s teeth, change lipstick tint, brighten eyes, remove wrinkles, fix blemishes, make her loose weight and make her up the way you want. Besides, the application is abundant with various kinds of overlays. Add floral elements, play with sunglasses and hats. Insert stars, arrows, hearts, ribbons, comic bubbles and other objects. Unfortunately the majority of options are a privilege of being a royal member for 2.75 $ a month.

How to Add Hat or Beard to Photo Free in PicMonkey Online Editor?

We love picture editing in PicMonkey app so hard that we even compared old vs new PicMonkey versions earlier. But now we’ve gonna show you to use PicMonkey Graphics, so that you can add a hat to your picture, a beard with great mustache or a pair of aviator sunglasses and see how you’re gonna look like. Or do you want to put on a Christmas hat? That’s all possible with powerful online pics editing app  named PicMonkey! Here’s how to add hat, beard or mustache to your photo:

  1. Go to PicMonkey and sign up for free (skip the pricing plan tab)
  2. Upload your picture
  3. Click Graphics tab
  4. Use the search bar in the Graphics tab and enter “hat“, “beard” or “sunglasses” as shown on the video below
  5. Drag the selected hat to match your head size
  6. Save your image, if you unlock a paid plan or use Greenshot to capture your style.

Watch video tutorial below and learn how to add hat, beard or mustache to your picture in PicMonkey:

2. BeFunky

Facial Goodies

BeFunky, one of the easiest graphics editing apps, allows you to add an unlimited number of filters and modifications. You have a full control of powerful image editing tools. Along with marvelous effects, artsy brushes and multiple frames, BeFunky treats you with sweet goodies. Select between doodles, monsters, masks, animals, special occasion accessories (St. Patrick, Halloween, St.Valentine, Back to School, etc.). In the facial tab, there are hats, mustaches, crazy eyes at your disposal. A greater choice of goodies is available for premium users (4.45$ per month).

3. piZap

Girl with funny glasses

piZap is an easy and fun application for editing Facebook pictures. Put colorful stickers: hearts, emoticons, flowers, sparkles, special symbols, animals and characters. In the text option you can choose a ready template or write with amusingly colored letters. Funny faces category lets you change hair style, add crazy eyes, mouths, try on different hats and glasses. Crop pictures, make collages and share matchless pictures with your friends in social networks.

How to Add Glasses to a Photo in piZap

As you know, piZap is one of our favorite online image editors (we’ve reviewed all other great piZap free features here) because it’s free and really easy! If you want to imagine how a cool pair of glasses would look on your face, try piZap for free.

Follow quick guide and see how to add glasses to your picture:

  1. Start piZap (link above);
  2. Add your selfie;
  3. Go to Graphics tab and select a pair of glasses;
  4. Grag and drop them onto your picture;
  5. Scale the glasses to fit your face
  6. Save the file and download it. That’s it!

Watch video tutorial below and learn how to add glasses to your photo in piZap:


Headwear Effect is a free and handy online editor. It has all necessary tools to retouch portraits and enhance image quality. Perform basic operations like crop, correct and resize with one click. This multifunctional image editor amazes with more than 500 stunning effects and frames. Choose from a wide range of realistic montages, face montages, fancy filters, shape collages, montages with celebrities and greeting cards with custom text. Turn people into animals, magazine cover stars, wacky monsters, popular cartoon heroes. Apply cool painting and drawing effects and even more. You don’t have to invent anything, just experiment with ready templates.

5. Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover

Hair Makeover

Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover is a smart online application that helps you change your look in few seconds. Try on well-known celebrity looks. You can change your hair style and make up in a thousand of different ways. This application is exclusively helpful for those women who want to change their appearance.

How Good Are You at Adding Glasses & Hats?

Answer free quiz and see if you can fine-tune your face.

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