6 Free Apps to Add (Text and Logo) Watermarks to Photos

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Professional photographers know how important it is to protect their own photos and reserve all rights over their creative works like mosaics, unique photographs, etc. They take advantage of Photoshop tools and label images effortlessly. Thanks to the smart watermarking, pro photographs fall under a strict image license type that limits free image distribution. If you want to restrict your picture usage and copyright images, there are easier ways than complicated Photoshop. Here are 6 fine and free programs that enable you to protect pics with either another image (for example, a logo) or a custom text.

Online Photo Watermarkers

watermarked photo1. PicMarkr

PicMarkr is a free online service that lets you watermark photos with text or images. The app is totally free and simple. Follow these steps:

  • upload an image from your computer, Flickr, Facebook or Picasa;
  • select a watermark type (text or image);
  • choose a watermark placement and style;
  • apply your watermark to the image;
  • download the copyrighted pic onto your computer or publish it to the web albums.

Rating: free, easy app, good for photo watermarking on the go.

2. WaterMarquee

WaterMarquee is a free online image watermarking app available in several languages. The process looks like in PicMarker case. WaterMarquee adds image and text watermarks to your pictures. However, you can upload and download images only from/to PC. But the advantage of the app is the possibility to modify text font, size and color. Thus, WaterMarquee gives more flexibility to a photographer.

Rating: free, easy app, good for photo watermarking on the go, advanced text watermarking.

3. BeFunky

BeFunky is a free advanced online photo editor that helps add text over an image. This way, you can apply text watermark to your picture. So how to add a watermark with BeFunky?

  • launch BeFunky;
  • select “Text” tab on the upper toolbar;
  • choose a font and a position of your text;
  • match a text color and style of your picture;
  • finally download the protected image.

Rating: free, includes a photo editing toolkit and tons of text watermark styles.

Free Software for Photo Watermarking

image watermark1. Microsoft Paint

This simple and free desktop image editor can help you add text watermarks to your pictures.

  • open Paint;
  • add an image;
  • click “A” button on the editing options panel;
  • click any point where you plan to add a watermark;
  • write a text;
  • change watermark design;
  • save the ready image.

Rating: free, already installed on all Windows computers, suitable for text watermarking

2. Picasa

Picasa, desktop Google program also is able to add text watermark to your pictures. Go this way:

  • first, open an image;
  • click on the editing option;
  • hit the “Text” tab;
  • apply a text watermark to your image;
  • save the watermarked image or publish it to your Picasa web album.

Rating: free, suitable for text watermarking, uploads watermarked images to web automatically


The advanced open source photo editor called by the photo community “Opensource Photoshop” can handle both image and text watermarking. GIMP is agile and offer lots of options. Practically, the free editor may create and customize a watermark according to your taste:

  • open the program;
  • select the “Text” option;
  • add your text;
  • change its design;
  • save the image.

Follow the similar way to add an image watermark. If the short overview is not enough, watch the video tutorial “How to Add Watermark to Photos using GIMP”

Rating: free, a powerful tool for image and text watermarking

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