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When someone is throwing a birthday party for their child they want great photographs to cherish the memories forever, so I’ve given them a few tips to help them take better photos.

Your child won’t get any younger so you want to make sure you take great photos of each birthday party they have. If you don’t hire a professional photographer you’ll need to take the photos yourself. Do you think you can capture every special moment perfectly? Here are a few great tips that will help you out.


Kids Birthday Party Photography Checklist 2021

1. Experiment with white balance

Most children’s parties will be inside where the light isn’t ideal. The artificial light will ruin a lot of your photos and it’s something you can try to avoid. You just need to play around with the white balance settings in your camera. If you can take some photos before the party starts it will give you time to make sure everything is okay. Your camera should have automatic settings depending on various lighting situations so be sure to test them out.

2. Shoot photos on your knees

A lot of parents make the mistake of taking all the photos from an elevated position. Unless the children at the party are vertically gifted they’ll view the party from a completely different angle. Because it’s a children’s birthday party you should get down on your knees when you take some of the photos. It will look like a child has taken them and you’ll get to see what things look like from their perspective.

3. Focus in on the details

What is different about a birthday party compared to every other day? The decorated cake will look beautiful before 30 little mouths demolish it. The children’s painted faces will look great until the paint starts to smudge. When you’re taking photos you should focus in on the details because you want to remember those many years from now. If you want to take great photos of the food it might be better to take some before anyone shows up.

4. Use a flash diffuser

If the lighting conditions aren’t great you’ll need to use the flash. This becomes a problem when the bright flash ruins half of your shots. You can solve the problem by using a flash diffuser which will reduce the harshness of the flash so your photos look great. If you’re not sure how it works just imagine a lamp without the shade. The light will be bright and harsh, but when you put a shade over it the light becomes soft and focused.

5. There is no perfect moment to photograph indoor events

I know you want to wait until the perfect moment to take a photo, but you’ll soon find out there are no perfect moments when lots of kids are running around screaming at the top of their lungs. You might be able to get them together for a few group photos, but most of the time you just need to wing it. I actually think you’ll be pleasantly surprised because a lot of those random shots will turn out a lot better than the pre-planned ones.

6. Get to know the children before taking pictures

Would you be comfortable in front of the camera if you didn’t know who was taking your photo? Now imagine what it must be like for a child to pose in front of a total stranger. If you want to capture better photos you should go around getting to know the children during the party. If they feel more comfortable in your presence they might smile when you ask them to instead of running away.

7. Go with the flow

I’m sure you’ll do great because it’s much easier to take quality photographs these days with the modern cameras we all have. Take pictures as many as possible and you’ll have a lot more to choose from. Don’t forget to have fun because you’ll be a lot more creative if you’re enjoying yourself.

Want to learn more about children photography best practices? Watch educational video on how to photoshoot kids of all ages:

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