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We all know how crisp, sharp, and high-quality images can provide an alluring visual experience! But not everyone has the art to capture clear and noise-free pictures. Thankfully, we are living in an era of AI technological revolution where transforming dull and boring images into high-resolution pictures is not difficult. Learning this tactic can help you utilize almost every image from your database. All you need is to know about the best online photo upscaler tools of 2023. Discover their features and learn how they can help you enhance image quality within minutes. All these tools are listed below for you. Keep reading!

1. Stock Photo Upscaler

Stock Photos Upscaler

You can try out Stock Photos Upscaler to experience 8x picture enhancement with just a click. The web-based tool offers bulk upscaling while reducing motion blur and noise. With an image resize feature as per social media standards, uploading images across various platforms becomes easier than ever. Moreover, Face Pro brings a magical transformation by reconstructing images with accuracy and detail. As per requirement, you can select from the three different upscaling styles– high fidelity, ironed out, and artifact removal. The all-in-one tool helps improve productivity and is often the number-one choice of photographers, e-commerce professionals, and graphic designers among several other upscaling tools.


  • Provides a smooth interface
  • Can be used without signing up
  • Maintains a 90-day history


  • The free version only upscales 3 images at 2x

2. GigaPixel AI

GigaPixel AI by Topaz

Another good option for you is Gigapixel AI. The tool claims to enhance resolution by 600%. Not only is this, but its neural network gets continuous training to provide photo-realistic effects on pictures of every subject, including architecture, portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. Not to mention, the face recovery feature of the tool is fantastic. While keeping a realistic look, it minimizes digital noise and provides detailed enhancement. Gigapixel also works well for a printable. It can enhance the focus of your image and make it pop out. It also enables you to bring the cropped images back to their original dimensions without losing quality.


  • Can be used as a plugin as well as standalone software
  • Provides bulk upscaling
  • Offers a user-friendly interface


  • Requires a download
  • not available for iOS and Android

3. Vance AI

Vance AI

Just like other leading image upscalers, you can experience incredible photo transformation with an 800% increase in picture resolution through Vance AI. In a matter of minutes, you can colorize old pictures, turn selfies into anime images, remove backgrounds, and do much more. Its AI portrait retoucher allows you to remove wrinkles and blemishes from the portraits, making them appear smoother. Vance’s features are not ending here. It provides you with options like artifact removal, photo conversion into a sketch outline, and much more. Moreover, getting a perfect photo print and bringing life to low-resolution pictures becomes possible when you use a tool like Vance AI.


  • Can be used online
  • Enables quick bulk processing


4. Icons 8 Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler

If you are looking for the simplest image-upscaling solution, there is no better option than Smart Upscaler. You can copy and paste the URL of the chosen picture or upload an existing image on the site. Either way, it takes no time to enhance the image quality. However, it only allows JPEG and PNG images with a 5MB size limit. Unlike Vance AI, you can do manual editing with this tool besides using the AI features. With just a click, removing and adding a new background is possible. What’s more, you can enjoy the API integration and restore images even after 60 days. Smart Upscaler gives attention to the minute details and reveals a great look even when you zoom in on the pictures.


  • Features a user-friendly interface with a convenient process to upscale images
  • API


  • Only upscales images by 4x
  • Leaves a watermark in the free version

5. Big JPG

BigJPG - AI Image Enlarger

Big JPG is a tool designed specifically for illustrations and anime images. However, you can upscale other images as well. There is a size limit of 5M on the free version, whereas the paid plan allows you to upload images up to 50M. The tool regularly updates its algorithm to the best color and image lines, resulting in images without blur, noise, and double visions. Apart from it, it displays the processing time left in the complete upscaling of the image. The time varies per the configurations and helps newbies analyze the time length of their next bulk projects.


  • Can be used online
  • As well as through an app on Android, Windows, MAC, and iOS devices


  • Maintains history only for 5 days

6. Deep Image AI

You can also try Deep Image AI for perfect image upscaling among other options. Whether you want high-resolution pictures for an e-commerce site or some professional-looking prints, this tool can be the right place for your needs. It features background removal, color correction, noise reduction, image sharpening, and a lot more. Once you sign up, upscaling pictures up to 5x will become easier than ever. The tool is designed with multiple filters, enabling users to match their brand’s scheme. You can also experience its API and Google Drive integration. For best results, your image should be in JPG or PNG format. The size limit for the paid plans is 15000 x 15000, but the number of pictures varies according to each plan.


  • Can be used from any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc)
  • Allows bulk upscaling


  • Leaves a watermark if you upscale pictures through the free version

7. Waifu 2x

Waifu 2x

Waifu 2x is the right tool for perfecting anime images. With constant upgradation of the neural network, it creates aesthetically appealing images within minutes. Waifu is an online tool where you can simply enter the image’s URL or upload a file. It provides three upscaling options of up to 1.6, 2, or 4x, which is a bit less compared with other tools present in the list. However, the best part is its noise reduction feature. You can select the option from the five different noise-reducing levels.



  • Features a dull and boring user interface

8. Hit Paw Photo Enhancer

Hit Paw Photo Enhancer

Placing Hit Paw in the last doesn’t mean it’s the least in functionality. Many professional photographers use this tool to upgrade picture resolution for all kinds of images. You can also increase productivity through its four AI photo enhancement models. The Face Pro helps you light up old pictures whereas the denoise model automatically adds image details to increase quality. Likewise, the general model comprises pictures related to landscapes, gardening, buildings, and animals. The fun part is the transformation of pictures into a cartoon, which you will love to try.


  • Provides multiple benefits under one roof


  • Enhances pictures only up to 4x in the free version

Wrapping It Up

With so many options on the list, choosing the best one may seem difficult. But look into the features of each tool, compare the pros and cons, and don’t forget to experiment. The tool that looks best to others may not be the right choice for you. It all depends on your needs. Once you find out the best upscaler, buying the paid version can take your productivity to the next level. Check out these tools and let us know which one worked perfectly for you.

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