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Tips on writing blog posts faster

Thinking over a new topic that might interest you, our dear readers, and be useful at the same time I have decided to reveal some secrets concerning successful blogging. Our Photo Software & Design Blog is a small cherished baby although recently we have celebrated 1-year anniversary.

The number of published posts has grown significantly and we promise to write even more as our topic list is never ending. To achieve success it is indispensable to be devoted to what you are busy with and be persistent and goal-oriented. Our concern is to provide you with high-quality and informative articles about photo editing and web design.

Here are 8 secrets how to write blog posts better:

  1. Assign a deadline
  2. Create a calendar. We post articles regularly, more precisely twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3.  Keep a topic list. We search for newly-launched photo editing software or dig for an exclusive feature of well-known photo editors. We also welcome you to give us a tip for a new posts via Share Your Ideas page.
  4. Remove all distractions
  5. Define the main idea
  6. Put down all the thoughts that come into your mind without editing
  7. Keep the flow. Write your posts systematically! We have created several categories such as free photo editor, web design, photo editing software, etc. And we constantly add fresh material to each of them.
  8. Read your story out loud

To prove the above-mentioned points we present a captivating infographics to you. It gives advice how to write blog posts faster. These recommendations will be especially helpful for Photo Software & Design Blog guest writers.


From my experience I would like to add that it is important to have a clear vision of what you are going to tell your readers. Then just create content following simple logical principles.

When your story is ready, ask your colleagues or friends to read it. An impartial point of view and reasonable critics help you improve the content. Are you ready to share your secrets concerning blog posts creation? We are all ears!

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  1. Richie

    A great blog ladies, informative and well displayed with cool graphics. There are at least 3 of your tips that I shall adopt.

    Keep up the great work


    PS. Also found the blog on “How to Convert Photo to Cartoon” extremely useful…

  2. anna

    Thanks a lot Richie for good words!

    Follow us on Twitter or join at Facebook and get fresh posts by Photo Software & Design Blog team.

    Best regards,
    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

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