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A woman posing for a photography

All girls dream of becoming a model, but many fall behind strict standards. This doesn’t mean that you should put away sweet hopes of appearing on the top magazines covers. You can turn into a charming photo model. Here are several great posture ideas for making a beautiful photo portfolio.

1. A great way to showcase how beautiful the model’s figure is.

2. Romantic Pose

An attractive and open posture. Put the camera on the ground, look through the viewfinder and take a photo of the lying girl.


This simple pose suits girls of all body types. Experiment with different positions of arms and legs. But remember that the focus should be on the model’s eyes.

This option works well on the street (especially on the grass with flowers)

5. Romantic Pose

A gentle and romantic pose. You can use any fabric but transparent or silky materials produce an enticing effect. A slightly bared shoulder or back look irresistibly.

6. Looking into the Distance

A fairly easy pose, but looks amazing. Sit down and take a snapshot from the ground level. You can move around the model taking a series of snapshots. Ask the girl to change position of her head and hand, for example to touch the hear tenderly.

7. Relaxed Pose

A gorgeous posture for the model sitting on the floor. The girl seems natural and relaxed.


You can achieve unexpectedly impressive results by using diagonals. It is not necessary to hold the camera perfectly straight. Do not be afraid to tilt it and get an unusual perspective.



This pose works well on any surface: the model can lie on the bed, on the floor, in the grass or on a sandy beach.

Of course, this list of poses is just a starting point and each pose has an infinite number of variants. Let your imagination fly and try different kinds of head, legs and hands positioning.

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