Top 8 Photo Editing Apps For Android Devices

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With that many photo editing apps for Android popping up left right and centre in Google Play, it can be mind boggling to know where to even start. We’ve picked out the eight best photo apps for your device and told you why we listed them. Here you'll see best Android photo editors (both free and paid), photo collage makers and smartphone-friendly photo albums. If you have an Android phone or tablet - you must try these apps!

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6 Great Photography Tips For Children's Birthday Parties

Cartoon Family Photo

When someone is throwing a birthday party for their child they want great photographs to cherish the memories forever, so I've given them a few tips to help them take better photos.

Your child won't get any younger so you want to make sure you take great photos of each birthday party they have. If you don't hire a professional photographer you'll need to take the photos yourself. Do you think you can capture every special moment perfectly? Here are a few great tips that will help you out. Continue reading "6 Great Photography Tips For Children's Birthday Parties"

5 iOS Photo Apps That Every Travel Photographer Should Know

Travel photographer

Do you happen to be an avid backpacker? Are you crazy about travel photography? Gone are the days when you needed to tag bulky cameras and heavy lenses along on your travels. With technology touching dizzy heights, all you need now for some ultimate travel photography is your smart phone. Yes, that’s it! There are some mind-blowing mobile apps out there that not only make photography much more convenient, but also give you access to some brilliant features to turn your images into masterpieces. Following are 5 awesome iOS apps for you to start with. Continue reading "5 iOS Photo Apps That Every Travel Photographer Should Know"

5 Reasons Why GIMP Is The Right Photo-Editing Software For Beginners

GIMP logo

I wanted to talk to people about GIMP photo-editing software because it might stop them from wasting a lot of money on alternatives that are not right for them.

If you decide you want to take your photos to the next level you will have to acquire some photo-editing software. If you're like most people you don't have a clue what to go for, but you might be tempted to choose Photoshop because it's the most popular software around.

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Creating Funny Photos Using PicJoke

PicJoke Image

Picjoke is a free online editing tool that lets you breathe new life in to ordinary photographs. Instead of using the complicated Photoshop, try using this web app to send funny edited photos to friends and family instantly. You don’t need to follow any complicated steps to put effects on your images; this tool has everything. Below, we will explore more about the software, its limitations and good points. Continue reading "Creating Funny Photos Using PicJoke"