How to Merge Photos in MS Paint

Merge Photos
Merge Photos

Merging photos is a very demanded feature that every common photo editor must have no matter whether it is a desktop photo editor or a web-based application. At the same time there are specially designed tools for joining pictures together (,, etc. ) This feature is especially useful for those who want to organize photos taken in a quick photo session or to add an object with a similar background.

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Pixable, an Online Photo Manager


Pixable main pagePixable is an online photo viewing application that finds photos across all popular social networks and sorts them out. The pictures are divided into different categories (Top of the Day, Top of the Week, Top of the Month, etc.) depending on their revelance to the user.

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How to Create a Unique Watermark via Mass Watermark

Logo watermark Made with Mass Watermark

Mass Watermark is a desktop image program that allows to create original watermarks or logos thanks to its inbuilt Watermark/Branding Designer. And now I would like to guide you how to make a wonderful logo in few clicks.

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7 Easiest Ways to Make an Online Photo Portfolio in 3 Minutes

In my previous post I spoke about a good photo portfolio. Every photographer knows that amazing photo portfolio is a key to profit. However, just a fine collection of your professional photos is not enough to succeed. You need to display your photos publicly. Ideally, you make an online photo portfolio. There are several options: you code a website yourself, order a website from a freelance programmer or choose a photo portfolio builder. The last option empowers you to customize your photo portfolio without solid coding skills.

I would like to present 7 easiest ways to build your own photo portfolio website.


7 Easiest Ways to Make an Online Photo Portfolio in 3 Minutes

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Loupe: Shape Your Photos Originally

Loupe Shape Collage MakerLet me introduce to you Loupe, a new web photo app. It has been recently launched by the Shape Collage team. Loupe is designed to make shape collages for birthdays, anniversary gifts, family photo collages and any memorable events. It will be also useful for illustrating an article, a review or a post. Continue reading "Loupe: Shape Your Photos Originally"

MS Paint’s Evolution: from Ugly Ducking to Magnificent Swan

Microsoft Paint Win 7

Microsoft Paint is a well-known drawing program. Very often MS Paint is an object of amusing jokes, so its functionality is underestimated. In fact this is a perfect image editor. It performs a lot of routine common tasks and substitutes bulky and expensive photo software. The only thing is needed: you should know how to use the program. Unfortunately only the lucky and the persistent have found the key to MS Paint’s heart. Besides following the ugly rumors that Paint is good-for-nothing, practically nobody wants to give it a try. Let’s attempt to save MS Paint’s reputation.

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