Befunky Old Version vs. New: 5 Main Updates of Top Online Photo Editor

It’s been a while since our last Befunky review. All this time Befunky was developing rapidly. New Befunky looks even more polished and pleasant to edit photos with than ever. On any device! Seriously, on any…

In September 2012 Befunky has changed its website style, got more photo saving/sharing options, and enlarged the line of supported devices with Befunky apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

But today, we’ll focus on the Befunky photo editing web version, which is more acute for PC users. Please note that Befunky is an online application! Don’t trust any website that offers “Befunky download” or “Befunky for PC”. It doesn’t exist!

Another thing that may confuse you is “Befunky photo effects” – Google Chrome extension for photo editing. Once again, this extension is not real Befunky website.

The only true online Befunky photo editor that we review here is available for free 24/7 at this link

What’s in New Befunky Version?

If we compare old Befunky and the recently released, you’ll see that the key photo editing features have remained there. Still, Befunky is 100% free online photo editor. Just go to the website and push big yellow button to launch the editor. Or watch video overview of new Befunky editor below, push the Play button:

Befunky quickly and easily edits photos: resize, rotate, fix skin imperfections, stretch, flip, remove unwanted parts, apply filters and effects, merge or cut photos, make collages, and much more. Use the left side tabs with the corresponding photo editing options.

Befunky photo editor tabs

The list of what you can do with BeFunky is immense! You can read more about best practices at our previous review.

However, avid Befunky users will notice that the editor has changed its look. Now the left tab side is similar to the side in Befunky mobile applications. Tabs became bigger and easy to touch both with a finger and a mouse click.

Besides, some tools were re-ordered. For example, now speech bubbles are located under the “Goodies” tab. Text adding option has moved to a stand-alone tab called “Text”.

Befunky Explore Gallery

Another improvement is the ability to post edited pictures directly to Flickr, Tumblr and Befunky Gallery. The gallery turns into active photo community where you can follow favorite photographers, thumb up best photos, get inspiration or boast of your photo skills. Moreover, since all photos in this library are public you can send a link to your friends and they can view it from any gadget via Internet.

These are crucial enhancements of the web version. As for details, below there is a comparison list of previous and current Befunky web service distinctions. We’ll dwell upon Befunky iOS and Android apps in our next reviews.

FeatureOld Befunky VersionNew Befunky Version
Sample image editingAvailableAvailable
Photo uploads from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, PhotobucketAvailableAvailable
Webcam image shootingAvailableAvailable
Edit photosAvailableAvailable
Photo effectsAvailableAvailable
Artistic effectsAvailableAvailable
Graphics, shapesAvailableAvailable (now in “Goodies” section)
Text, speech bubblesAvailableNow speech bubbles are available in “Goodies” section; text adding is located in a separate “Text” section.
Frames, bordersAvailableAvailable
Account upgrade for access to premium featuresAvailable for a feeAvailable. See pricing comparison list here.
Image saving on PCAvailableAvailable
Photo sharing on Facebook, TwitterAvailableAvailable
Photo saving in Befunky LibraryAvailable for a feeAvailable
Photo printing on cups, T-shirts, gifts, post cards via ZazzleAvailable for a feeAvailable for a fee
Photo posting to Flickr, TumblrDidn’t existAvailable
Befunky photo communityDidn’t existAvailable for free
Befunky iPhone appDidn’t existAvailable for free
Befunky iPad appDidn’t existAvailable for free
Befunky Android appDidn’t existAvailable for free and for a fee (Befunky Android app Pro version)

What do you like more? New or old Befunky version?

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