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Do you love free virtual backgrounds for Zoom as we do? Let’s explore top 63 Unsplash Zoom background images which you can download for free in the highest resolution including 2K, 4K, 5K ultra HD wallpapers for iPhone, Android & iPad apps.
Are Unsplash photos really free to use? Is it legit to use free Unsplash photos as my Zoom background for work meetings? Yes, they are, if you select to download royalty free pictures, instead of photo stock pics – learn about the differences in our previous post. Millions of people (teachers, office workers, developers, lawyers, etc) come to Unsplash everyday to find a right winter or fall picture as a funny or professional Zoom background.

How to Change Zoom Background with Unsplash HD Image?

So how to change Zoom background and replace it with a custom virtual background from Unsplash on desktop or mobile?

Here’s how you can set up custom Zoom background on Windows PC & Mac:

  1. Launch Zoom and go to the Settings
  2. In the menu select the Virtual background
  3. Click the Plus sign
  4. Add an Unsplash image with the correct size at least 1280 by 720 pixels or higher
  5. That’s it! Enjoy Zoom with a new Unsplash wallpaper.

Here’s how you can install a new Zoom background on Android & iOS (iPhone & iPad):

  1. Launch Zoom app on your cell phone and start a meeting
  2. Tap 3 dots at the right bottom corner
  3. Tap the Background option and upload an Unsplash image at least 1280 by 720 pixels from your photo gallery or camera roll
  4. That’s it! Enjoy Zoom with a new Unsplash wallpaper.

63 Top Unsplash Images for Zoom Background – Free Download

Do you know what type of photographs people search for on Unsplash to set up as a wallpaper? We got the answer below. Here are 63 top Unsplash photo topics for free downloads:


Unsplash Beach
Sean Oulashin


Unsplash Birthday
Lidya Nada

#black and white

Unsplash Black and White
Ronan Furuta


Unsplash Christmas
Lynda Hinton


Unsplash Clouds
Carmine Savarese

#cup of tea

Unsplash Cup of Tea
Carli Jeen


Unsplash Dog
Cristian Castillo

#do something great

Unsplash Do Something Great
Clark Tibbs


Unsplash Eagle


Unsplash Earth


Unsplash Elephant
Nam Anh


Unsplash fall
Andreea Swank


Unsplash field
Federico Respini


Unsplash flowers
Melissa Askew


Unsplash Galaxy
Graham Holtshausen


Unsplash Girl
Ali Pazani


Unsplash Gradient
Fakurian Design


Unsplash Halloween
Davies Designs Studio


Unsplash Hands
Mayur Gala


Unsplash Happy
Eye for Ebony


Unsplash Hawaii
Don Stouder


Unsplash headshots
Omid Armin


Unsplash Holiday
Link Hoang

#i love you

Unsplash i love you
Lea Khreiss

#inside car

Unsplash inside car
Samuele Errico Piccarini

#in the woods

Unsplash in the woods
Thomas Evans


Unsplash January
Theo Eilertsen Photography


Unsplash Japan


Unsplash Joy
Courtney Cook


Unsplash Jungle
Mandy Choi


Unsplash Kerala
Abhishek Prasad


Unsplash Kindness
Dee @ Copper and Wild


Unsplash Kitchen
Becca Tapert


Unsplash Kittens
Jari Hytönen


Unsplash landscape
Mark Harpur


Unsplash moon


Unsplash mountains
Ales Krivec


Unsplash NASA


Unsplash nativity


Unsplash nature
Rodion Kutsaev

#new york

Unsplash New York
Colton Duke

#night sky

Unsplash Night Sky
Benjamin Voros


Hiroko Yoshii


Samantha Gades

#older woman

Older woman
Ayo Ogunseinde


Evie Fjord


Jesse Cason

#paper texture

Paper texture
Jessica Delp


Jessica Knowlden


Dominik Schröder


Aaron Burden




Johannes Plenio


Massimo Rinaldi


Chris Lejarazu


Irina Iriser


Sergey Pesterev


Bob Canning


Alina Kacharho




Duy Pham


Ron Dauphin


Jay Castor


Let’s vote! Which is the best Zoom background from Unsplash on this list? Tell us in comments below!

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