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YouTube is full of video guides on photo editing for Windows software, open source photo tools and web apps. There are many professional long videos that cover each photo editing aspect. Besides, YouTube contains helpful short video overviews on simple photo editing tricks which photo amateurs might need. Let’s explore top 5 video tutorials that enable you to edit your images better and tip you on new photo manipulation techniques.

1. How to Resize Image in Microsoft Paint for Better Resolution

A short guide explains how to change image size and not to lose picture quality.

2. How to Take a Screenshot Easily with Microsoft Paint

Here you learn how to take screenshots easily with the help of “Print Screen” button and Paint. The guide also explains how to crop images quickly in Microsoft Paint.

3. How to Edit Image Background in GIMP

A lengthy video tutorial is a good addition to our GIMP review. Watch the guide and learn 5 GIMP tools to remove image background free.

4. How to Change Eye Color in Photo with Picasa (Picnik)

A Picasa app (ex-Picnik) video guide shows how to try on another eye color in your photo.

5. How to Make Photo Slideshow with Music in Windows Movie Maker

The video tutorial explains how to make picture slideshows with music using Windows Movie Maker.


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