5 Top Fun Photo Editors

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The list of fun photo editors is close to infinity and many of the applications are worth mentioning. But in this article, we would like to observe 5 of them from a different point of view.


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Sketchpad Lets You Unleash Painting Skills Online

Sketchpad by MugTug
Sketchpad by MugTug, the developer of HTML5 online photo editing apps, is a real alternative to Microsoft Paint or Paint.net. The free web-based online drawing tool allows you to create pictures, sketches and cartoons. The app contains all usual drawing software features: brushes, shapes, a color picker, an eraser, a texture stamp and much more. Moreover, Sketchpad gives advanced image editing options such as gradients, patterns and history; the last two criteria go beyond limited MS Paint toolset.

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10 Best Free iPad Photo Apps

Best iPad Photo appsApple iPad is a real substitute for a desktop computer. Though device is not meant to capture photos, yet you can use iPad for editing pictures, storing them and even making screenshots. If you love to play with photos then you’ll easily end up getting photo apps in AppStore. However, when you are looking out for quicker results, you need some of the best photo applications for iPad.

Below, here is the list of top 10 best free photo apps for iPad that help you edit photos, make photo collages, upload photos from iPad to popular online photo storages, create photo slideshows on iPad, get rid of red eyes, blur or any unwanted objects on your pictures, add artistic style and feel. In a word, these top free iPad photo editors will make your photos look even better on your gadget.

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Top 10 Best Free Photo Editors of 2012 | +Bonus Apps

10 Best Photo Editors of 20122012 is a remarkable year on photo editing apps landscape. We’ve lost Picnik; Instagram was swallowed by Facebook. Old free photo editors were updated and continue to edit your pictures better than before.

Some photo editors kept top positions since the Best Photo Software list of 2011 was published.

This year Photo Software & Design Blog compared over 30 free photo editing websites and software programs one by one. And now we are willing to show the complete list of best free photo editors of 2012 in our review.

These photo editors edit photos, create collages, add awesome photo effects, remove skin imperfections, rotate, flip, crop, cut your images, merge and compile pics, create wonderful frames, convert your photos into stylish black and white images and do much more cool things to improve your photographs.

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FotoFlexer Animates Your Photos Easily


FotoFlexer is a free online photo editor. It creates collages, offers photo effects and animates your pictures easily. FotoFlexer edits pictures from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr photo albums, and process images from your computer.

Like other online photo editors, FotoFlexer resizes, crops, rotates, removes red eyes, adjusts colors and adds frames for your pictures. But there is a handy feature – photo animation. FotoFlexer can animate Facebook avatars with stars and sparkles, make animated Gifs for Google+ or decorate family photos.

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10 Reasons Why I’ll Miss Picnik

Picnik Free Online Photo Editor

Picnik is one of the first web-based photo editing applications. It was invented by 3 game developers in Seattle in 2007. Their main idea was to create an easy and fun photo editing tool that would live in the browser. It meant that Picnik should be accessible to everyone from any web device. Nowadays you can hardly amaze anybody with online photo editing software. But 5 years ago it was a real cutting edge.

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Will Picasa Replace Picnik?

Picasa-PicnikAs you know, an extremely popular online photo editor, Picnik will be closed on Aplil 19, 2012. Unfortunately, Google, the owner of Picnik, has decided to shut down the online photo editing website and shift several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. In these circumstances, Picnik fans examine the new Picnik substitute suggested by Google – Picasa. However, the question remains: “Can Picasa replace Picnik or are all well-known photo editing tools lost forever?”

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You are the Star! Enjoy Your Photo on a Magazine Cover

Watch Your Face on the Magazine Cover

At least don’t lie to yourself. Sure, you dreamt about seeing your face on Forbes or Vanity Fair covers! Your dream can become true. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of online services that offer dozens of magazine covers that will boast your face, or you’ll boast this cover.

The principles are the same for all online photo editors. You choose a photo, adjust the image, select the cover you like and click the Create button. Ready, set, go!

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Pizap: Amusing Free Photo Editor for Facebook Pics

Fun photo editing with Pizap

Pizap is a tremendously popular Facebook photo app for fun photo editing with over 3 million fans. The success secret is simple: Pizap helps to edit pictures easily and post them directly to your Facebook online album.

Although the application is absolutely free, it is surprisingly feature-rich. Pizap lets create collages with friends, edit photos, delete image background and add photo frames. Login to Facebook, install Pizap photo editor and start editing your pictures.


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BeFunky Creates Cool Photos with Funny Effects

BeFunky Fun Photo Editor

BeFunky is a free online fun photo editor. It’s a cool and easy web application to edit your pictures without any software installations.

BeFunky enhances images with adorable effects, marvelous frames and amusing graphics. Go to the website and select a photo editing category you want to work with.

BeFunky Photo Effects

The second step is to edit an image. Check BeFunky photo effect as it’s one of the most popular features of this fun photo editor. BeFunky enables you to upload a photo from PC, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket or a web address you specify. Besides, you can edit a sample image or take a picture with your web camera. Then, pick up an effect: Blur, Vintage, HDR-camera, Distortion, Pop Art, Palette, Old Photos and much more. Use Zoom option for precise photo editing and apply filters to manage effects intensity. If you need more room for improvisation, go ahead and upgrade to get extra features, sophisticated effects and advanced editing tools. Play with dozens photo styles and numerous effects and see how BeFunky turns an average image into an artistic masterpiece.


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