Where to Find Browser Themes?

Where to Find Browser Themes?

Default skin settings of most popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera leave much to be desired. Apple’s Safari can be an exception to the rules but still there has to be the way to change its look. What I aim at in this post are tips and tricks where to find colorful clothes for your browser.

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Free Photo Software Reviews: 5 Sites to Read Before Download


5 Star Editor's Rating

When I search for free photo editing software I always check its reviews. I want to know in advance an unbiased opinion on how to edit photos with a certain photo application. I look for information about technical requirements and drawbacks before I download any free software. Besides, I need good user guides, how-to videos, tips and tricks. To cut a long story short, a free photo software review is an indispensable thing for the right photo tool choice.

There are top 5 websites with free photo software reviews you should read:

1. Photo Software & Design Blog

The newbie in the photo blogging world publishes informative photo software reviews. Among examined free photo editors, you will find GIMP review, Loonapix review and PhotoScape review. Plus, take a look at free image viewers with photo editing options such as IrfanView review or FastStone ImageViewer review.

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Beautiful Photo Slideshow in Two Minutes with Freemake Video Converter

What can you do in two minutes? Make a coffee, sharpen the pencils, look out the window... Or create a great gift for one's birthday or wedding having just a dozen of photos and a bit of creativity.


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