FotoFlexer Animates Your Photos Easily


FotoFlexer is a free online photo editor. It creates collages, offers photo effects and animates your pictures easily. FotoFlexer edits pictures from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr photo albums, and process images from your computer.

Like other online photo editors, FotoFlexer resizes, crops, rotates, removes red eyes, adjusts colors and adds frames for your pictures. But there is a handy feature – photo animation. FotoFlexer can animate Facebook avatars with stars and sparkles, make animated Gifs for Google+ or decorate family photos.

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Don’t Cry for Picnik! Welcome PicMonkey!


For the last 3 months, the whole Internet community was boiling from the news about sudden Picnik shutdown. Picnik was a tremendously popular online photo editor. Since April 2012 it does not exist any longer. Google, the Picnik owner, suggests everyone switch to Google+ network or Picasa as a Picnik replacement. But these options do not attract all hard core Picnik fans. However, there’s a hope for the good. Meet PicMonkey, a new and dead simple Picnik alternative made by ex-Picnik developers.


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How to Lighten a Dark Photo

How to lighten a dark photo

I bet you have dark photos in your family albums or online photo collections. Usually images taken with digital cameras in an automatic mode come out too dark or too bright. All photo editing programs can brighten images no matter whether it is a desktop application, a web app or professional boxed photo software.


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How to Create a Gorgeous Calendar Online?

HP Creative Studio

I. Have. Been. Looking. For. A. Good. Online. Calendar. Maker. For… half a year!!! I already started thinking that there were no people on the Internet who would think out this simple idea of an online calendar creator for us. Thank God, I was mistaken.


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PDF2JPG: Conversion Workflow is Close to Heaven

PDF to JPEGAt work or studies, we have to deal with tons of important information in PDF files. If you just receive an email attachment in PDF format and you need to make changes quickly, don’t panic! Here you have several ways to go: convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to image or find PDF editing software. For speedy PDF manipulations, I recommend turn PDF pages into photos. There are free online converters that convert PDF files to images in a painless manner. Let me introduce a good online solution: PDF to JPG Converter.

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10 Reasons Why I’ll Miss Picnik

Picnik Free Online Photo Editor

Picnik is one of the first web-based photo editing applications. It was invented by 3 game developers in Seattle in 2007. Their main idea was to create an easy and fun photo editing tool that would live in the browser. It meant that Picnik should be accessible to everyone from any web device. Nowadays you can hardly amaze anybody with online photo editing software. But 5 years ago it was a real cutting edge.

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Will Picasa Replace Picnik?

Picasa-PicnikAs you know, an extremely popular online photo editor, Picnik will be closed on Aplil 19, 2012. Unfortunately, Google, the owner of Picnik, has decided to shut down the online photo editing website and shift several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. In these circumstances, Picnik fans examine the new Picnik substitute suggested by Google – Picasa. However, the question remains: “Can Picasa replace Picnik or are all well-known photo editing tools lost forever?”

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You are the Star! Enjoy Your Photo on a Magazine Cover

Watch Your Face on the Magazine Cover

At least don’t lie to yourself. Sure, you dreamt about seeing your face on Forbes or Vanity Fair covers! Your dream can become true. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of online services that offer dozens of magazine covers that will boast your face, or you’ll boast this cover.

The principles are the same for all online photo editors. You choose a photo, adjust the image, select the cover you like and click the Create button. Ready, set, go!

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Pizap: Amusing Free Photo Editor for Facebook Pics

Fun photo editing with Pizap

Pizap is a tremendously popular Facebook photo app for fun photo editing with over 3 million fans. The success secret is simple: Pizap helps to edit pictures easily and post them directly to your Facebook online album.

Although the application is absolutely free, it is surprisingly feature-rich. Pizap lets create collages with friends, edit photos, delete image background and add photo frames. Login to Facebook, install Pizap photo editor and start editing your pictures.


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