100 Top WordPress Themes for Incredible Website Design

WordPress Themes

A WordPress Theme is a collection of graphics and code that let you impart your website or a blog a freshly new look. There is a pool of fine WordPress themes on the Internet. WordPress themes are classified by price (free & paid), various categories (like music, arts, business, etc), different layout options, color and features.
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WordPress History [INFOGRAPHIC]

WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms for blogging. Since the first release in 2003, WordPress has evolved into a full-featured website building tool. Thanks to its open-source background, WordPress is enriched with tons of plugins, themes and widgets. Here is a glimpse of WordPress history.

WordPress History

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Pixable, an Online Photo Manager


Pixable main pagePixable is an online photo viewing application that finds photos across all popular social networks and sorts them out. The pictures are divided into different categories (Top of the Day, Top of the Week, Top of the Month, etc.) depending on their revelance to the user.

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7 Easiest Ways to Make an Online Photo Portfolio in 3 Minutes

In my previous post I spoke about a good photo portfolio. Every photographer knows that amazing photo portfolio is a key to profit. However, just a fine collection of your professional photos is not enough to succeed. You need to display your photos publicly. Ideally, you make an online photo portfolio. There are several options: you code a website yourself, order a website from a freelance programmer or choose a photo portfolio builder. The last option empowers you to customize your photo portfolio without solid coding skills.

I would like to present 7 easiest ways to build your own photo portfolio website.


7 Easiest Ways to Make an Online Photo Portfolio in 3 Minutes

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What Everyone Should Know about CSS

Web Design CSS

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. Style sheets are text files (.css) that define how to display HTML elements. They give the designer more control over the webpage layout. CSS lets determine fonts, colors, margins, lines, height, width, image background, object positions and many other things. CSS markup is supported by all web browsers.
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All You Need to Know About Colors [INFOGRAPHIC]

–°olor coordination infographic

We have stumbled upon a very interesting infographics that shows best schemes of color coordination and top thing you must know about colors in web design. What is the color wheel? How to differ warm and cold colors? What are the design elements you should pay attentention to? How to find balance between with website layout and photo elements? Have a look at the treasure below if you want to figure out the perfect color coordination scheme for your web page.

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