Make an Ad Banner Wisely

Create ad banners wisely

Have you ever thought why professional designers spend so much time creating a small ad banner? You can do it yourself too but I suggest that you consider the experience of the specialists to get a really brilliant and effective ad banner.


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12 Key Elements of Website Homepage Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

home page designHome page is a face of any website. Since it gets the major portion of site traffic, it is extremely important to produce the first pleasing impression on the visitors. If  users cannot find what they are looking for on your website, if they are lost thanks to tricky navigation, if they don’t understand how they can benefit from your offers, they are more likely to leave the page immediately.

There are certain elements that any home page must have. They help you win visitors’ attention and loyalty, decrease bounce rate and increase sales or traffic volume.


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How to Highlight Text on Web Page in Seconds?

Highlight texts on the web pages easily

Sometimes it happens. Something has caught your eye on the web page. Some line, some interesting phrase, some intricate detail among a lot of letters that you need to remember. You bookmark the page and after a while you will waste time on scanning the text for this detail! In real life, people use highlighters. Why not apply this principle to web pages as well?


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8 Tips How to Make a Photo Portfolio

You can hardly find a photographer no matter how much experienced and well-known he is who doesn’t dream of the worldwide recognition. If you keep your photos shut in boxes or stocked on your PC nobody will be able to appreciate your artistry and talent. That is why it is indispensable to work out your own self-promotion strategy. One of the easiest self-promotional tactics is creating a portfolio. (more…)

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7 Affordable Tools to Enhance a Small Business Website Look

small business website

If you believe that a typical local business website is a two-page site with contact details, weird navigation and absence of design taste, you were partly right until this moment. For the past year, we reviewed many free apps to fine-tune website design and gave recommendations on website usability and style. Today, we will summarize our suggestions and give every website owner 7 ideas that may turn an ordinary website into a reliable web store or a real online brand page. Who said, that a good web design costs too much? Let’s ruin this myth!

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Why Do I Need to Add Google Maps to Website?

Google Maps for Small BusinessWhen you make money online, all you need is a highly conversional website with easy site navigation and an efficient e-commerce page. But when your website is an online add-on to real small business there is one key thing your website must have – a map that shows your location and explains how to drive to your office in this offline world.

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Polldaddy – Smart App for Website Polls, Ratings & Vote Forms


A successful website development consists of many elements such as a good website builder, creative design themes, easy navigation, beautiful images and appealing unique content. To make your website more interactive and engaging you can add suitable social media buttons or increase communication via polls, surveys and ratings. This two-way communication is a great indicator of your audience tastes, demands and preferences.

Fortunately, there is no need to hire a developer to enrich your site with polls or voting boxes. Try Polldaddy, an easy online poll creating app. It lets you instantly embed polls on your web pages.

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Google Helps You Create a Website for Free [YES!]

And you can do it without any specific knowledge! I knew that Google had such feature as creating your own website long ago. But most of my friends and acquaintances still make big eyes when I tell them about it. So, here is the revelation of the day: yes, it’s really easy to create a website even if you don’t know the website building principles. Thank you Google the Great!

Two years ago I employed Google Sites to create a test page for my family and one more page for my university classmates. There I uploaded various texts, photos and links, and tried to build a website that could serve as a prototype for a true one that would be hosted with some provider in the future. You know it was a good practice since I understood that I had to think over a lot of things like pages linking, their ranking, other links on the pages, pictures insertion, etc.

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Home Page Video: Pros & Cons

Website Home Page Video

Sometimes one picture is better than a poem. In some cases, a short video presentation shows more than screenshots and overview. A good 60 seconds video can reveal product features and uniqueness or display it in action. Popular startups like or embedded introduction video on the website home page instead of traditional features overview and images.


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Flipboard & La Tour Eiffel Web Site Design

Flipboard La Tour Effel Website Design

Most of us know the silhouette of the main French tourist attraction – The Eiffel Tower. It is famous for a massive foundation and a light top.

It looks like during the last two years web designers were inspired by the upside down French beauty. Take Flipboard, for example. While entering the site, you see the top and hardly can notice the bottom menu. Frankly speaking, at my first visit to, I spent 3 minutes searching for a navigation menu. I failed to find more info about this app and I quitted the site. Probably I’m not the only one who faced such problem and returned back to Google search. I’m sure that my bounce is not a big deal for Flipboard.


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