Citrify Photo Editor Removes Blemishes, Red Eyes & Whitens Teeth

CitrifyCitrify is a new free online photo editor that helps you improve your look. The photo editing website contains a lot of tools to highlight the best of your appearance. If you plan to change your Facebook profile picture, first try Citrify.

Like other virtual makeup software, Citrify is really simple and intuitive to use. Upload your picture and in a few clicks you will turn into real perfection. The service is definitely a girl’s best friend. Citrify is like your mascara kit online. Thanks to powerful features, you will have beautiful eyes, smooth soft skin, and ideal shinning smile. After such image editing you can place your face on a magazine cover or add photo effects like Instagram app.

Here is what Citrify Toucheup can do for you:

  • remove blemishes, wrinkles and skin imperfections;
  • remove red eyes from images taken with insufficient lighting;
  • change skin tone with Citrify airbrush tool;
  • get rid of oily skin shine;
  • whitens teeth;

The Citrify review is incomplete without additional picture editing options overview. Traditional photo manipulation tools like resize, crop, brightness, contrast are hidden under the “Adjust” tab on the upper panel. However, photo effects choice in Citrify is limited. There are only a couple of funny photo editing effects (available under the “Stickers” tab). Several classic photo effects such as black and white, serpia, pencil sketch - can be found under the corresponding tab.

Upon the whole, Citrify is good at profile photo editing. But the photo editor is too basic for versatile photo enhancement.

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