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Sure, you’ve seen those cute rabbits, kittens, even faces made of figures and mathematical symbols. They are made in ASCII mode that has the plainest explanation you would never think of – American Standard Code for Information Interchange. In this post, I will show how civils have transformed military ASCII into a piece of art.

What is ASCII art?

ASCII appeared together with typewriters in the 19th century. Wikipedia says,

“One of the main reasons ASCII art was born was because early printers often lacked graphics ability and thus characters were used in place of graphic marks.”

And one more,

“Since 1867 typewriters have been used for creating visual art. The oldest known preserved example of typewriter art is a picture of a butterfly made in 1898 by Flora Stacey.” I posted it as a title image for my post.
ASCII RabbitsThe first computers didn’t have enough capacities to support graphics as well, that’s why programmers were interested in developing a way to display pictures with the help of characters and symbols.

What You Can Do with ASCII

Actually, you can do almost anything, for example, convert your regular pictures into ASCII art with the help of a special ASCII image converter. Take any picture and convert it into a colorful or black-and-white image like I did.
Convert image to ASCII

You can transform an ordinary email or digital note into an ASCII styled notification that everyone will appreciate. Take ASCII Art Generator for that. What I liked about this service is that it gives you the opportunity to preview the font style. Click on the Font Preview link and select the font you like.
Ascii image generator
There are also many resources where you can select and download funny ASCII images that you can transfer to your mobile or any other portable device. When I was preparing for Christmas I found Christmas ASCII Art by Joan Stark.  Be prepared, you’ll get lost there. The only disadvantage of this website is that when you insert a copied ASCII image it can be pasted a bit broken. But it’s a matter of a few minutes to correct the image. You can also try ASCII World directory where thousands of ASCII images are divided into several categories.

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  1. Suse

    I love this picture! I check out picnik and love it! Do you have the premium subscription? I couldn’t figure out how to do 1/2 black and white like you did here -very cool! Thanks for the picnik suggestion!

  2. Barry

    Another fantastic read…. thanks a lot 😀

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