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JibJab is the most popular online service that needs a photo of your face in order to make a bright funny e-card accompanied with musiс and tricks. All sorts of video animations and effects, high quality images, transition, dozens of templates and professional-looking ecards. But JibJab pricing might disappoint new users as the service is paid, not free. So are there any 100% free JibJab alternatives? Can you make funny online greeting card with your selfie free of charge? Let’s explore!

Oh the times! Oh the customs! Instead of writing a card by ourselves and sending it via the post office, we search the Internet and digitally edit our faces in the photos  to insert them into colorful and funny e-cards. …And I personally find it cool though I haven’t heard any complaints about my handwriting so far.

What are FREE JibJab Alternatives?

Here’s an example of JibJab ecard video with inserted faces for St. Patrick holiday:

Looks great, doesn’t it? As of 2021, there are at least two free JibJib alternatives that you should try:


They don’t charge you any penny. But show several modest ads on their websites. Since both ecards with face services are totally free the ecards quality are lower than JibJab ones. But does it really matter since they are totally free? If you want to play a joke with your friends or family, these cartoonized ecards might be good for you.

How to Insert Your Face Photo into Free Funny Video eCard?

Insert Face ecard

So, Luxand and Got-Free-Ecards work in a similar manner. So the tutorial below is good for both online ecard makers.

Here’s how to put your selfie image into free funny dancing ecard:

  1. Visit Luxand or Got-Free-Ecards (links are given above);
  2. Select any ecard template that suits your occasion or holiday: birthday, Mother Day, Chrtistmas, St. Valentine, New Year, etc;
  3. Upload your face photo. Don’t upload huge image. Check our post about best online image resizers here, if you need to shrink your original picture;
  4. Wait several seconds to add your picture into the ecard template animation;
  5. Share the resulting funny ecard by email, link or Facebook.

Now let’s discuss the details! If you decide to use Luxand there isn’t many things you can change. There are no face image editing tools and there’s no way to place a personal text message for your recipients. Besides, Luxand allows you to send ecard only via web link. A custom URL is automatically created and you can copy and paste it into your email or chat. But Luxand looks promising thanks to big number of holiday templates.

Got-Free-Ecards has much more customization and sharing features, but limited collection of ecard templates! Let’s see them!

You go to Got-Free-Ecards and see a set of ready e-card templates that you can use to tease yourself or your friends. Select the photo that you will use in the e-cards. Mind the fact that the picture better not exceed the 2 MB size!

The service lets you grab the face contour to fit in the future e-card. And what I liked most of all, the tool is made flexibly enough to adjust the size of the pick area and its location in the photo and rotate it as well.

Adjust Selfie Photo for ecard

Click the Save button. And go to Message. Each e-card has a placeholder with text box that you can use to apply text to the ecard picture. The number words varies. So I advise you to try all of the possible variants on by writing them in the Message section.

Text area for face ecard

Click the Done button and hit the Preview button to get the result ecard with your face, music, text and animated background. I found it great! My super woman flies to save the Planet. Paradise!

Share ecard with face by email, Facebook or via link

Finally, Share the ecard with your face via email, Facebook or just copy a link.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Luxand and Got-Free-Ecards Instead of JibJab

  1. You and your friends are the main characters in these e-cards.
  2. The services are free to use, doesn’t require a registration.
  3. Fast and flawless e-card creation process which is remarkable.
  4. Templates for birthday and holidays.
  5. Clear interface, simple design, cool tips to guide you through the process.
  6. E-cards have a set of additional features to select.
  7. You can share the link of the e-card by email or IM chat.

Convinced? Now it’s your turn to congratulate your friends with help of free face ecards! Have fun!

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