Muglets: E-Cards in Trend Again

Muglets: Create free e-cards online
Muglets is a free online service that needs a photo of your face in order to make a bright funny e-card accompanied with musiс and tricks.

Oh the times! Oh the customs! Instead of writing a card by ourselves and sending it via the post office, we search the Internet and digitally edit our faces in the photos  to insert them into colorful and funny e-cards.

…And I personally find it cool though I haven’t heard any complaints about my handwriting so far.
So, Muglets. You click the link and see a set of ready e-card templates that you can use to tease yourself or your friends.

Create free e-cards online

Select the photo that you will use in the e-cards. Mind the fact that the picture shouldn’t exceed the 2 MB size.

The service lets you grab the face contour to fit in the future e-card. And what I liked most of all, the tool is made flexibly enough to adjust the size of the pick area and its location in the photo and rotate it as well.

Adjust face parameters for your e-card

Click the Done button. And go to Extras. Each Muglet e-card has a set of extra effects that you can apply to the picture. The number of extras varies. So I advise you to try all of the possible variants on by clicking the arrows in the Extras section.

Apply extra effects in the Muglets e-card

Click the Ready button and get the result with music and background. I found it great! Birds are singing, bee is flying and buzzing and I flourish in the middle of the meadow. Paradise!

Muglets e-card with music and background

A Short Summary of the Best Muglet Features

  1. You and your friends are the main characters in these e-cards.
  2. The service is free to use, doesn’t require a registration.
  3. Fast and flawless e-card creation process which is remarkable.
  4. Clear interface, bright design, cool tips to guide you through the process.
  5. Various Muglets e-cards have a set of additional features to select the face effects, music and sometimes some tricks that the main character with your face makes in the e-card.
  6. You can email the link of the e-card to 5 friends right on the spot (I will conduct the experiment and publish a link to the e-card on my Facebook wall. Let’s see what happens).

P.S. The sounds of my Muglets e-card with the sun flower are so terrific that I listened to them all the time while I was writing this post 🙂

P.P.S. I decided to make a leprechaun out of my friend’s cat. See the results below. No animals were harmed in making this post!

Muglets extra effects

Muglets extra effects

Muglets e-card with music and backgorund

Apply Muglets extra effects

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