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Cross Stitch Diagram

I have been talking to many people, yes, mostly women, but I also know a couple of men who cross-stitch. And they told me that the very process of cross-stitching really calms down, the only annoying thing is that sometimes it’s difficult to find a ready cross stitch pattern that you would like at first sight.

I have found two online applications that will turn your picture into cross stitch pattern for free.

Cross-stitch Pattern by Photo Generator – a simple cross-stitch online creator that has a lot of pros.

  • Simple instructions on the process;
  • Opportunity to select a pattern’s width;
  • Opportunity to select a number of colors with codes;

What I found a bit confusing is the thread brand – the application provides only DMC in the drop-down menu. And by default, the pattern width is 80, I tried to create an image and it was really big. So, it’ll take you some time to adjust the width.

Cross-stitch pattern by photo

So, here is the example. I especially took a complicated image with many objects and tried to experiment with the width and number of colors. See the results below.

Original image:

Original image to cross stitch

Pattern width: 50, pattern colors: 32. The resulted blocks are really huge.

Cross stitch: 50 width
Pattern width: 80, pattern colors: 64. Looks much better but there already 8 blocks that you should combine manually.

Cross stitch, width 80
Pattern width: 160, pattern colors: 64. Nice work but huge and you’ll have to combine 15 blocks.

Cross stitch, width 160

  • I actually didn’t find how you can download the resulted pattern, so the only solution that occurred to me is PrntScr or its alternatives.

Myphotostitch is another online application to create x-stitch patterns. In my humble opinion, it’s interface is more logical.

Myphotostitch generator

Myphotostitch offers a lot of options to define you future pattern. I personally paid attention to the Allowed Threads feature. You can make a stylish grayscale image out of a colored one. One more thing that I liked is the number of unified sizes that the service offers. It’s very helpful, I think. So, let’s conduct the same experiment.

98 x 77 stitches, 30 threads, all colors. A list of colors with the codes is below the image.

Cross stitch pattern, 98 x 77 stitches

98 x 77 stitches, 5 threads, grayscale. Well, the result looked unappetizing. And I know why: too many tiny objects in the picture.

Cross stitch grayscale

150 x 119 stitches, 50 threads, simple colors:

Cross stitch, 150 x 119 stitches, simple colors

150 x 119 stitches, 50 threads, all colors:

Cross Stitch, 150 x 119 stitches, all colors

More Myphotostitch pros:

  • You can download your result in PDF format. Just click on the appropriate link above or below the image.
  • You can email this pattern to you friend. To do this, you should also click on the appropriate link above the image.

While I was writing this article, it dawned on me that these cross-stitch generators produce nice pictures with an unusual photo effect that is not worse than FotoJet Photo Montage app image effects! And you can upload x-stitched picture on your Facebook wall or in other social networks and resources.

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