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There are plenty of Internet pages that every amateur photographer should bookmark. Among these pearls you can find blogs, online photography courses, digital photography schools, e-books and much more. Here we have collected the best resources that share valuable information on taking perfect photos. So look at our guide on how to shoot great photos and explore the new knowledge centers:

1. Digital Photography Courses

Digital Photography Courses combine scientific approach to photography matters with easy narration style. You will find photography course for any level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. All lessons are provided free of charge. You will learn about lenses, exposure, focus, camera equipment, light and film, and of course Adobe Photoshop. Digital Photography Courses can be an excellent starting point for newbies. Unfortunately, there are no video tutorials on photo editing; only text-based content is available. No doubts that Digital Photography Courses are worth visiting as a free educational center.

2. PhotonHead

PhotonHead is a small free web reference devoted to digital camera tips. So if you want to know more about proper hardware use, go to this website. You will learn about camera models, flash, film speed and camera accessories.

3. Learn Digital Photography with Geoff Lawrence

A 137 page e-book in PDF format costs $15, though the knowledge it gives exceeds the price tag. Learn Digital Photography summarizes the main things you need to know about photography: equipment, exposure, lighting, composition, editing and so on. The book is written by a professional photographer. Geoff covers digital photography for a long time, so you can always consult with his tips on the web.

4. Digital Photography Classes and Workshops from Nikon & Sony

Both camera manufacturers have special sections for photographers on official websites. Nikon offers paid classes, while Sony provides guides for free. Nikon tutorials are created for more advanced users; Sony’s guidelines are much easier to understand. The classes teach you basic camera use tricks, composition, filters, etc.

5. Forum on Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review forum is a place to discuss acute questions of photo shooting. Here you can get advice from pro photographers and find your hobby-mates. Browse the forum archive; there you can learn new ways to take top-notch images.

6. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a web blog that covers all photography-related topics. Here you can learn about cameras, photography taking tips and image editing software. The blog is photo pros-oriented. However, there are articles that are suitable for all photo amateurs.

7. Digital Photography Lessons on YouTube

If you prefer video tutorials, you should watch Adorama and SnapFactory video channels. They share their expertise in photography on YouTube. The video guides are short and clear. Thus, you can save your time on reading manuals.

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  1. Jay

    Also try based in Seattle.

    They do FREE, LIVE on-line courses though after broadcast all the information can be purchased.

    Some are one day course, others are three day intensive. They range from General photography through to specific genress and business.


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