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A Successful Subscription Page Rules

I have several favorite blogs. I often go back to them to read recent posts, but I subscribed to few of them.

There are 2 reasons that stop me from email subscription:

  1. Lack of clear email subscription rules at subscription page. I’m not talking about a must-have unsubscribe policy;
  2. Complicated web subscription forms.

It looks like many websites underestimate the power of loyal subscribers.

I subscribed to few e-magazines which have a good set of rules describing their subscription management. They explain how often they will email me, give me options to select particular topics and keep the subscription as an elective feature. Their subscription form is pure: name & email is all that they ask for. These simple subscription page rules show me that the website owners respect my freedom to choose to subscribe or not to do it.

Let’s have a look at 2 simple tips to boost the number of your loyal subscribers.

Tip #1
On the one hand, when you think about the need of a subscription page for your site, try to make the page clear and informative. Tell about your principles of subscription, provide privacy policy link and save your readers time by a short email subscription form. Don’t go to details and don’t ask for excessive data: job title, location or phone number. It always irritates and discourages from subscription.

Tip #2
On the other hand, analyze the current way your loyal users consume your news.  It may turn out that a good Twitter feed or Facebook fan page updates serve as the best subscription tool for your user. You may realize that there is no need in special email subscription to duplicate public news.


Any method you choose should help you to provide fresh news and return visitors to you site. Make your subscription content useful and meaningful, avoid spam. It will build a solid communication channel to popularize your ideas.

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