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It’s a nice idea to create an outstanding cover photo for your Facebook page. And one of the tools that you can use to build an interesting image is Facebook Cover Maker. The first associans that occurred to me when I launched this app were: lego, puzzle, cute.

The Facebook Cover Maker app is nice and intuitive for creating custom FB covers. When you open it, you’ll be able to choose between several characters. And each character has a set of attributes. So, you’ll spend a good portion of your time trying on multiple clothes, facial gestures and backgrounds. I first tested the Superhero section and you’ll see the result below.

Facebook Cover Maker Superhero

A set of attributes for different characters varies and it’s really fascinating to see what you get at the end. For example, I also tried to think out a manga girl,

Facebook Cover Maker Manga Girl

a paper doll,

Facebook Cover Maker Paper Doll

and a manga boy.

Facebook Cover Maker Manga Boy

After you’re done with your cover photo, you can download it as a PNG image or go directly to Facebook by clicking the Make Image Your Cover Photo button (too long name for a button, I guess. I’d call it Publish Cover Photo or shorter.)


  • An undeniable advantage of Facebook Cover Maker is that it works fast. You select a character attribute and it is immediately displayed in the image.
  • The main image concept is mostly minimalistic which can be regarded as a unique trend. At least, the app images style is already knowable.
  • No irritating ads, no buzzing prompt messages because the app is almost markedly sketchy which is in no way a constraint for your work with the characters.
  • Facebook Cover Maker helps you spend time and not notice how long you played with your future cover photo.

Chalk up

  • A set of attributes for characters is spotty. Sometimes there are dozens of clothes and a set of backgrounds, sometimes it’s impossible to change the Superman’s cape color.
  • I published my new cover photo and got an impression that it looked a bit blurry, though the PNG image size fit exactly Facebook photo size requirements. Maybe it was because of my old version browser.
  • To return to a set of characters, users will have to select File -> Reload. I had selected the Exit menu twice, before it dawned on me that I had to click Reload. Maybe it makes sense to make it a bit more clear?

To sum up

Facebook Cover Maker has all chances to sky rocket. The app is intuitive and user-friendly. Its style may become recognizable and unique. The developers have done a lot but I’m afraid they’ll have to work even harder because their idea implies thousands of potential realizations, from a set of characters to a set of attributes and backgrounds for them.

So, good luck!

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