Facebook Polaroid Tagger App

Polaroid Tagger by Widdlytinks.com is a one of free Facebook photo apps. The app makes Polaroid style photo collages with friends’ avatars and posts the output picture to your wall. If you want to show your attention to your nearest and dearest, the app is the right choice for you.

Facebook photo collages are made easy with Polaroid Tagger. Log into your Facebook account, type Polaroid Tagger in the search box and go to the app page. Follow the instructions:

  1. Click the link “Continue Making Your Polaroid Graphics at Widdlytinks”;
  2. Choose your friends from your Facebook friend list;
  3. Add text to your collage;
  4. Pick up a background image;

You’re done! Get an awesome collage, which is automatically posted on your Facebook wall. Immediately your friends will know about their special importance to you. Be ready to receive “Likes”, comments and appreciation of your Facebook friends.


  • Free;
  • Easy to use
  • No additional image uploads needed


  • Rather slow app


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  1. jasmine monique reed

    this looks complicated but ill try it out

  2. anna

    Jasmine, thanks a lot for your opinion! In fact, Polaroid Tagger by Widdlytinks is not that hard to use. I wish you good luck with it!

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