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We all love vintage Polaroid photos with famous white retro frame. It remind us of our childhood and the moments that we saved using our home retro camera. But old days are gone. So how to turn your pictures for Instagram or Facebook into Polaroids? Easily & free! Try VNTG Polaroid Frame camera for Android phone and shoot wonderful family pictures with old-school effects, frames, and filters. If you want to show your attention to your nearest and dearest, the app is the right choice for you. Let’s learn how.

What’s the Best FREE Polaroid Camera App for Android?

VNTG Camera App Android

There over two dozen Polaroid camera apps on Google Play for all Android phones: Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Honor, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, and many others. We have tested almost all free cameras for Android.

Let’s list most popular Polaroid frame camera apps on Google Play in 2021:

  • InstaMini;
  • PolyCam;
  • Lomo Cam;
  • Nomo Cam;
  • 90s Cam;
  • InstaRoid;
  • SnapTouch
  • VNTG Vintage Photo Cameras

Unfortunately, many of these tools don’t even surpass Polaroid Tagger of 2011 for Facebook. Some of them as slow or malfunctioning, others have such a clumsy interface that you hardly understand where to tap to shoot an image, most of them are stuffed with ads so much that you barely can download your square frame picture from these camera applications to your media gallery.

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To cut the long story short, the winner of our internal tests is VNTG Vintage Photo Cameras app for Android and it’s most recommended to download as the best free Polaroid Frame Camera of 2021. VNTG Polaroid image maker is free and powerful image processing application for mobile phone that makes pictures and helps you to add retro frame effect. Using VNTG camera frame, you can use both front and rear camera to shoot selfies or panoramic pictures, if you wish. Apply various old-school pics filters and effects, edit your new pictures. Besides, VNTG camera enables you to edit your existing pictures from your image gallery on your phone and make them look like they were taken on old camera. As with old camera, you can add text and notes onto your image’s frame.

Watch video guide for VNTG Polaroid Camera App with great Instagram retro frames for Android:

Why’s the best vintage camera app? Here are 5 reasons why you should install VNTG Polaroid tool on your smartphone today:

  1. It’s really free and it doesn’t push you to pay to get even one pic;
  2. VNTG for Android is fast and does what’s promised;
  3. It include ads which don’t interfere with your frame making experience;
  4. VNTG Camera has clear and easy interface;
  5. There a lot of image export options such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Gmail, Notes, Google Drive, Gallery and much more;

How to Turn Your Photos into Polaroids with VNTG App?

How to use VNTG Camera app on Android

VNTG Polaroid frame app is really easy to use. Let me show you how to edit your pictures from your Android image gallery and add square frame over them. Please follow 9 steps to add famous retro frame to your snapshots:

  1. Download & install VNTG from Google Play (link above);
  2. Launch the app and allow VNTG to access your pictures;
  3. Tap the Import tab at the left bottom corner and select any picture on your Android phone or tap the Camera sign in the center to make a new pic;
  4. Pick up any frame from the list (vertical or horizontal);
  5. Select your frame color (leave it white or go to Textures tab to make your border colorful);
  6. Add classic filters and effect in the Filters tab;
  7. Add text, if necessary;
  8. Rotate image, change brightness and contrast;
  9. Hit the Save icon at the top right corner to download your retro-style pic to your media gallery or share it with friends in IM or social media.

You’re done! Get an awesome square frame picture, which is automatically posted in your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp account. Immediately your friends will know about their special importance to you. Be ready to receive “Likes”, comments and appreciation of your Instagram followers and Facebook friends.

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VNTG Polaroid Frame Camera App Review Summary


  • It’s free;
  • Easy to use;
  • Both imports pics from gallery and shoots new pictures;
  • Ads don’t irritate
  • Uploads pics to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber & others


  • No frame pic collages

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    (update 2021: Polaroid Tagger doesn’t exist anymore, use other apps)

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