FastStone: All in One – Image Viewer, Converter & Editor [REVIEW]

FastStone Image Viewer is a free, powerful image viewer enriched with numerous useful features. FastStone Image viewer views and edits images, makes a photo slideshow with music, creates desktop wallpapers, works with scanners and much more. The list of helpful tools wrapped in a free for home use image viewer is impressive.

What is FastStone Image Viewer?

FastStone Image Viewer is free image viewer for Windows. Only for Windows! Many people google for FastStone Image Viewer for Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, iPad, iPhone or Android app, but they don’t exist. You can download and install FastStone Image Viewer the latest version 7.5 .exe offline installer onto Windows computer using the link above. In out tutorial we’ll review top features of FastStone Image Viewer and see why it deserves to be used on your PC. Watch short YouTube video guide below:

Is FastStone Image Viewer Good and Safe?

Although FastStone Image Viewer interface looks as if it’s Windows 98, it’s a powerful image viewer that does image manipulation work really good.  The software is free, powerful, regularly updated, there’s no adware inside. And the software has modest system requirements, so you can use it on Windows 8. It supports multiple photo formats: BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, WebP, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, EPS, TIFF, WMF, ICO, TGA, RAW (CR2, CR3, CRW, NEF, NRW, PEF, RAF, RWL, MRW, ORF, SRW, X3F, ARW, SR2, SRF, RW2 and DNG). We haven’t tested any other freeware for Windows OS with such tremendous list of supported RAW SLR camera image formats. Many photographers know it can be huge pain to import and browser full resolution multiple RAW files on Windows PC. Thanks to easy FastStone Image Viewer instructions, you can view RAW and WebP images and convert them in batch mode to JPEG or PNG format if you wish.


The program displays pictures in Windows Explorer-like manner. On the left side, you see a catalogue tree with your photo destinations. On the right side, you view images of the selected folder. You may use a picture preview window in the left-hand bottom corner. Apply magnifying glass to the image preview with one click of the mouse to see the image closer. The image details (resolution, image format, name, date) are shown below the preview screen. Besides, you can always change FastStone Image Viewer background theme for dark, grey or bright and to adjust it for your eyes. Let’s see what image editing tools the free software contains.

FastStone Image Viewer strives to equip you with key image editing tools. Use the upper toolbar to edit photos. Top FastStone features for image editing enables you to:

  • resize and crop images;
  • flip images with lossless JPEG rotation function;
  • adjust lightning, image contrast and saturation;
  • remove red eyes from your photos;
  • add text, draw lines on images;
  • heal old photos with Clone stamp heal tool;
  • copy image area with Clone stamp to change image background or replace image parts;
  • apply photo effects such as black and white photos, sepia or negative images hidden under Color tab;

How to Use FastStone Image Viewer Slideshow?

FastStone Free Photo Slideshow

One of the best and easy features of FastStone Image Viewer is slideshow. Play photo slides automatically without clicking next, next, next. The images change one by one smoothly and you enjoy great photo carousel on your PC. Here’s how to make a photo slideshow with music in FastStone Image Viewer step by step:

  1. Select a photo folder or photos;
  2. Click “Slideshow” button on the upper toolbar;
  3. Choose background color;
  4. Apply one of 156 photo transition effects;
  5. Browse music file and click “Play” to enjoy your photos with good music.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save your photo slideshows as MP4 or AVI or WMV file. And you can’t burn the photo slideshow onto DVD with FastStone Image Viewer. It’s only for viewing on on the fly.

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How to Convert RAW to JPG in FastStone Image Viewer?

FastStone Batch RAW to JPG Converter

FastStone Image Viewer contains speedy RAW to JPG Converter inside. It’s can process RAW images in batch mode quickly, which is unique feature for all photographers since rarely a few image viewers can compete with hardware vendors like Sony who made Sony Picture Motion Browser and PlayMemories Home app to process RAW camera image files. Follow this guide to encode RAW files to JPEG:

  1. Go to Tools at the top menu;
  2. Click “Batch Convert Selected Images”;
  3. Select RAW images from the left column and click the “Add All” button, or add only RAW images that you need;
  4. Choose JPEG as image saving format and select output folder where to place your JPEG pics;
  5. Click the Convert button and wait a bit to process all RAW files;
  6. Check your converted RAW files in JPEG format.

As you can see the program works quite easy. In a similar manner, you can convert WebP images to JPEG or PNG with the help of FastStone Image Viewer.

Alternatives: FastStone Image Viewer vs. IrfanView

FastStone Image Viewer isn’t the only free image viewer for Windows. There’s another popular FastStone alternative – IrfanView which we reviewed earlier here – Which one is to choose? Is IrfanView better than FastStone Image Viewer or vice versa? Both image viewers:

  • support almost all existing and exotic image formats;
  • have outdaded interface which disappoint many users;
  • they are totally free for home use;
  • include image editing features, but can’t replace modern image editors like PhotoScape X

Still, FastStone Image Viewer and IrfanView have slight differences. FastStone seems to process RAW image with less errors. But IrfanView is good at stitching panorama photos awesomely.

Do you agree with us? Watch below video comparison tutorial “FastStone Image Viewer vs. IrfanView vs. XnView”:

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