Flipboard La Tour Effel Website Design

Most of us know the silhouette of the main French tourist attraction – The Eiffel Tower. It is famous for a massive foundation and a light top.

It looks like during the last two years web designers were inspired by the upside down French beauty. Take Flipboard, for example. While entering the site, you see the top and hardly can notice the bottom menu. Frankly speaking, at my first visit to www.flipboard.com, I spent 3 minutes searching for a navigation menu. I failed to find more info about this app and I quitted the site. Probably I’m not the only one who faced such problem and returned back to Google search. I’m sure that my bounce is not a big deal for Flipboard.

But high exit rate can be a real difficulty for a smaller web project. My Flipboard Eiffel Tower design experience highlights the navigation issue. Each web master should evaluate twice the choice of proper menu location to avoid such troubles.

Take a look at your site, maybe it’s time not to follow bottom menu design mainstream. Focus on a user-friendly site design. Give a clear and exhaustive information for your site visitors no matter what they prefer bottom or upper navigation. Make your website information handy for your audience. Thus, you can save your site user time and gain more potential customers.

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