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Sure, it occurred to you once or several times that you wish you could type your texts that would look like elf inscriptions, or Harry Potter’s scribbles, or digital characters like in Star Trek. I have found the decision for you! Welcome Fontmeme – free fonts Klondike and texts generator.

There are actually a lot of design blogs that will tell you about the latest trends in the world of fonts. They will show you the best examples and beautifully decorated artworks that include fonts. They’ll even inform you that most of the font authors hardly share their know-how and inventions. And, yes, I understand them and completely agree. But at the same time I’m longing to design my greeting cards, my business cards, my blog, in the smartest and mostly attractive way. And here comes Fontmeme to rescue!

Fontmeme: 3D cubicle font

This nice online service is a collection of absolutely free fonts that enables you to select a font and generate any text you wish using it.

Fontmeme: Best Practices for You

Fontmeme: Font Themes

A nicely organized storage divided into categories doesn’t make you feel confused. You can browse through styles , themes , even select languages which written style differs from Roman alphabet, for example, Chinese, Japanese, Armenian, etc.

Text generator tool is very simple in sense of the user interface:

Fontmeme Text Generator

  • Select the font in the left box;
  • Type in your text in the right box;
  • Adjust the color and font size;
  • Click the Generate button.
  • Your text appears below.

Fontmeme: font monogram

Useful information that comes along with the fonts is really very interesting, detailed and yeah, useful! You can learn where this or that font is mostly used, in what occasions and the sources where you can download these fonts.

Fontmeme: celtic font

The Fontmeme is a real online encyclopedia as for the fonts and their usage and I suggest that we explore it very carefully to broaden our knowledge about font design.

What Features I’d like to Have Improved

Fontmeme: first letters

The thing that troubled me a lot was that I couldn’t find the font previews. To see how the font looks like, you have to click the Generate button. If you think that the result is not exactly what you want you’ll have to repeat the process.

It last until I accidentally glanced at the top picture on the font page. There you can see professionally designed pictures with the given fonts. But still it’s not exactly what I wanted.

The Fontmeme text generator doesn’t allow you to type in too long texts. Maximum 40 characters including spaces. So, if you need to create a longer text, the way out might be to do generate text parts in several sessions and use a Picmonkey photo editor to join the pieces.

I’m not sure, maybe it’s what the font author meant when uploaded the VAMPG_ font, but it looks like the first letters in the words are not displayed.

Fontmeme possible bug

Though the font itself looks gorgeous!

Fontmeme: vampg font

Escape My Mistakes

First, when I started looking for funny, tricky, modern, interesting fonts, I tried to download the fonts I found and use them in Microsoft Word. You can call me stupid, I don’t know why, but it didn’t work. That’s why I started looking for some easier ways to have my texts nicely decorated.

Fontmeme: barcode font
When I found Fontmeme I was disappointed since I couldn’t’ download the generated text and had to press Print screen button on my keyboard several times and then edit pics in Microsoft Paint. Naturally, I wasn’t happy about this fact until I noticed three small buttons under the color area. I apologize! Shame on me! Click the first button to download the text in .png format.

Fontmeme: download text

Advantages of Fontmeme:

1. Fontmeme provides a wide selection of fonts that are free to use, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to quickly create a unique and interesting design.

2. It’s easy to use and navigate, which makes it a great choice for those who are new to graphic design or are unfamiliar with how to download and install fonts.

3. Contains a variety of features and customization options, such as the ability to search for specific fonts, the ability to preview fonts before downloading, and the ability to create a custom logo using the fonts available.

4. It’s highly reliable and secure, as all fonts are tested and verified before being made available for download.

Disadvantages of Fontmeme:

1. There’s no ability to purchase fonts from external sources, which can limit the selection of fonts available to users.

2. No any additional features such as font editing or font conversion, which can be limiting for more experienced graphic designers.

3. No support or customer service, which can be a problem when users encounter technical issues.

4. There are no royalty-free fonts, which can be an issue when users need to use fonts for commercial purposes.

To sum up, the Fontmeme service is the nicest source to get beautiful fonts, generate unusually looking texts and learn interesting things about fonts design. It’s not like Wordle, but still is the other way to make regular texts unique.

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