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FotoFlexer is a free online photo editor created over 10 years ago by Arbor Labs. In 2019 the image editor app was updated with new features such as filters, stickers, frames. But many old FotoFlexer cool features has gone. The editor used to create collages, animate pictures easily, remove photo background, make collages and smart pop art pics. Besides, FotoFlexer edited pictures from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr photo albums, and processed images from your computer. FotoFlexer has changed tremendously! Let’s sort out if it’s good or bad. What are best alternatives to old FotoFlexer?

What Happened to Original FotoFlexer?

Old FotoFlexer photo editor interface
Old FotoFlexer photo editor interface

Till 2019 FotoFlexer looked like on the screenshot above. Like other online photo editors of that time, FotoFlexer resized, cropped, rotated photos, removed red eyes, adjusted colors and added frames for your pictures. Everything has changed in 2019. A new modern interface was introduced and original FotoFlexer lost its top features such as:

  • collages;
  • effects;
  • pop art;
  • remove background;
  • GIF animation

Let’s explore 2 top features in details!

GIF Animation in FotoFlexer [GONE IN 2019]

There was a handy feature – photo animation. FotoFlexer animated Facebook avatars with stars and sparkles, made animated Gifs for Google+ or decorated family photos. FotoFlexer photo editor was really easy to use. On the “Animation” Tab, you could upload your picture, select an effect, place the animation onto your image and click the “Save” button. Moreover, FotoFlexer allowed you to change the animated effect size so it perfectly fit your photo background. Thus, an average vacation photo might turn into a cute picture like the image below.
FotoFlexer Animated Gif

FotoFlexer image saving could take some time, but it was worth to try since it was one of the simplest web tools to animate images.

Removing Background in FotoFlexer [NOT WORKING ANYMORE]

Anoyther highly popular feature was background removal as it was shown in this FotoFlexer video tutorial. As you can see removing background for the transparent bg was incredibly easy. Nowadays, we can use PhotoScape X to replace the current image background, but back in 2014,  changing background could be a real challenge for non-professional photo editing software users. Here’s how to remove background in old FotoFlexer step by step:

  1. You just needed to upload an image into the app;
  2. Go to the FotoFlexer Geek Tab and use Smart Scissors option to cut only the necessary part of your photo;
  3. Than save the changes so your key object remained on the transparent background
  4. And finally save your work. That’s it.

And thus as you can see, FotoFlexer was a real salvation for many amateurs.

How to Use New FotoFlexer?

Watch our video tutorial “How to use FotoFlexer” and learn how to use current FotoFlexer photo editing app:

Here’s how to work with modern FotoFlexer app:

  1. Visit FotoFlexer website;
  2. Start the image editor app;
  3. Upload a photo from your PC;
  4. Select an editing option: add photo filter, resize or cut the image, rotate, add text to photo, add a sticker, frame or doodle among the bottom tabs;
  5. If you want to put one image over another picture, go to the background tab;
  6. Save your picture as JPEG or PNG using the Save button at the top right corner.

FotoFlexer Alternatives: FotoFlexer vs Fotor or Pixlr?

As you can see new FotoFlexer looks modern, but limited features list and photo upload options don’t turn FotoFlexer 2021 the best web photo editor of XXI century. Many users search for old FotoFlexer alternatives and wonder if or Pixlr can be a true replacement for FotoFlexer.  Here’s a comparison table that help you to decide which online photo editor is better for you:

FeatureFotoFlexerFotor.comPixlr X
PricingFreeSome paid optionsSome paid options
Image resizing+++
Cut & crop+++
Background removal++
Text and stickersNot manya lota lot

As you can see new FotoFlexer photo editor falls behind its powerful online competitors such as Fotor or Pixlr X. Are there more FotoFlexer alternatives? Of course, check top 10 alternatives we reviewed in the Related posts below and compare their toolset with your editing needs!

FotoFlexer Review Summary

FotoFlexer advantages:

  • 100% free and fast app;
  • no irritating ads;
  • contains all basic photo editing

FotoFlexer disadvantages:

  • lost many great features after 2019 update;
  • not a flagship online photo editor anymore

Now is your turn to say what did you like about FotoFlexer the most? Tell us in comments!

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