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FotoSketcher Software

Fotosketcher artistic photo editing technique is turning photos into sketches or drawings. A mediocre digital photo can become a sophisticated digital masterpiece made with free photo sketch software. To apply this feature to your digital images download FotoSketcher, a David Thoiron Windows application.

FotoSketcher 2.10 is the latest version of free photo software which converts your photographs into sketches similar to oil painting, ink drawing and pencil creations of online apps that turn picture into manga drawing. Besides, FotoSketcher helps to create cartoons out of your digital pictures.

May 2011 release is enriched with expressive brushstrokes drawing style, bitmap/png batch image processing, and 4 new languages interface support.

FotoSketcher picture drawing effect

FotoSketcher has several vivid advantages against other photo drawing rivals:

  • It processes properly huge photos (such as 3072 x 2304 pixels or larger);
  • Output Fotosketcher pictures look natural and drawings are close to hand-drawing;
  • Wide choice of drawing styles: approximately 20 sketch styles are available now;
  • Fotosketcher is translated to many languages like Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, etc.

FotoSketcher Picture Painting Effect

Keep in mind, upon installation FotoSketcher 2.10 offers a browser toolbar.


FotoSketcher is a high-quality photo editor and a completely free product. Play with various FotoSketcher drawing styles and make an amazing collection of personal paintings or cartoon sketches. Download the application to start your artistic experience today!

P.S Please donate to the author, if you like the software. Follow simple instructions inside Help section of the app to support David. I hope your money will help David to perfect FotoSketcher.

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