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I have been wondering for a long time, how people manage to create logos for their blogs, sites, companies, events… If Photo Software & Design Blog didn’t have a logo, what would I offer if I had such a task but didn’t know how to manage various image editors? With this idea on my mind, I started looking for an online logo maker app…

Today I’d like to present you a series of free online logo makers that will help you embody your ideas in images. These pieces of software are the best decision for photo watermarking on PC (see here how to put a logo on a picture on Android), personal site branding, business website identification, etc.

Logosnap – a free online logo maker with a user-friendly interface.

Logosnap - online logo maker

Everything in Logosnap is done to guide you smoothly through the logo design creation. What I liked about this app:

  • 50 + categories for professional spheres and each category contains dozens of logo sketches;
  • Each category can be filtered by 8 criteria. For example, letter-based logos or high-tech logos;
  • Advanced tool set to personalize your logo;
  • Logosnap is also a huge market for designers and those who want to get a brilliant logo and is ready to spend money on it.

Logoease – a very colorful website with flash animation that is really fun to look at.

Logoease - free online logo maker

What it offers:

  • Advanced tool set to change the initial sketch’s skin;
  • The categories choice is not that wide as by Logosnap but is enough to choose from;
  • One of the best features is that the logo templates can be edited part by part. That means that you can completely change the colors of the parts, size and position of the logo in the whole.
  • Nice fonts to add to your logo.
  • Don’t forget to register to be able to save your masterpiece and download it onto your computer.

FlamingText – as you can judge by the app name, it mostly deals with the letter-based logos.

Flaming text - free online text-based logo maker

I have to admit, at first site, I thought I would quit the app immediately since there are a lot of irritating flashing ads all over the main page and the text previews look … well… not very professional. But I decided to check the service and I didn’t regret because FlamingText offers you an enormous set of features to change the template completely and forever!

  • Almost 200 logo text-based templates to work with;
  • Anything you could imagine you could do with fonts, size, text location, boldness, shadows, reflections, etc. – all this is possible with Flamingtext;
  • You can save images in PNG without any registration;
  • Logos are free to use for personal and academic use;
  • You can share your logo in Facebook or get it in HTML version.

Logaster – a free online app that impressed me very much.

Logaster - free online logo maker

To get your logo done, register for a free account and enjoy lots of features.

  • Enter your company name, a slogan and a professional category and view thousands of templates to picture how your future logo will look like;
  • You can change the category and choose a logo on the 2nd step, or on the next one which I find very smart;
  • What I also liked about Logaster is that after you complete your logo design, the service offers you to view various business card templates to see how your newly made logo would look on the small piece of paper.

Here’s how to make your personal logo with Logaster. Watch video tutorial and see how to make free logo online with Logaster:

I wish I knew about these online logo makers some time ago when I racked my brains on my site logo! On the other hand, I’m not sure that these techniques existed at that time. Anyway, we’re lucky to get free online logo makers today. Enjoy them and have fun, guys!

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