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Prezi is the online service to bake awesome presentations that you can share with your friends. First, I planned to make a kind of a step-by step user guide to show you how to Prezi works but then I understood that it would be incredibly long that’s why you have to try it yourself!

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What I will do instead will help you save time on searching and guessing some intricate features. I decided to concentrate on several points only, because it’s really impossible to describe all Prezi tools in one post.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is online interactive presentation app. Unlike classic PowerPoint or Keynote, Prezi is famous for its beautiful, creative and moving slides. Prezi presentations is where viewer doesn’t only see what happens on the slide, but takes action in the presentation. Still hesitate? Watch the video below explaining why you should use Prezi instead of othe presentation maker apps:

How Prezi Works? Quick Start Guide

Prezi is sure able to insert edited pictures, it resizes the objects on its own, you can paste your fresh photos in your online presentation too. The control center in Prezi is found in the left upper corner and looks like a cat pad. Remember, this pad hides almost everything that helps you make an animated presentation.

Tools to create animated presentations online

Watch Prezi Quick Start Tutorial and learn how to make your first presentation in less than 5 minutes:

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Here’s how to use Prezi app step by step:

  1. Let’s start with Arrows. You can find arrows under the Insert menu in the Shapes submenu. They serve to visually indicate paths between the frames. You can change the arrows size, direction, angle, color and length. To insert an arrow, click on the arrow icon.

Drawing arrows in the online presentation

2. To change the shape and direction of the arrows, you have to double-click the arrow and drag the points on the ends of the arrow and in its middle.

Change the arrows shape

3. To change the size of the arrow, click on it and zoom in or out. To delete the arrow, click on the trash bin icon.

Change the arrows size in the online presentation

It’s necessary to remember that the arrows are only visible indicators that serve as a part of the animation and fun. It’s also very important to think about the path logic or the presentation plot, so to say. In order to indicate the frames sequence, Prezi offers to define the path. You can do it in two ways that are described below.

4. Click on the Path menu on the “cat pad” and you will see the paths that connect various objects in your presentation. You can drag the plus icons to the objects that you would like to connect or you can just click on them and Prezi will add a screenshot of the slide with this object to the presentation. I found that the second way is much easier for me to manage. But anyway I advise you to try both of them.

Define paths between the frames in the online presentation

5. If you think that some of the frames are wrong or you don’t like it, just look at the left side bar with the frames screenshots. Hover the mouse over a frame and you will see the delete icon in the right upper corner of the frame.

Delete frames in the online presentation

These are two features that required most of time to think over. Now is your turn to try!

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What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Prezi?

And here is also a list of other interesting points that are worth to look at. Review top 9 advantages and disadvantages of Prezi app. Let’s compare Prezi pros and cons!

Prezi Advantages:

1. Edit together – you can invite your friends to work on the presentation together. It means that you can process one file from various parts of the world.

Edit presentations online together

2. View together – Prezi generates a link of your presentation that you can share on your Facebook wall or in other social networks and blogs.

3. Cat pad – this is the word that occurred to me when I first saw the tool set in Prezi. It hides a lot of interesting things that you should try yourself.

4. Learn tab – if you wish to explore details of some features, click this tab and you’ll find various tutorials there.

5. Explore tab – here you’ll find brilliant presentation examples made by others. Check yourself best Prezi presentation examples in the Gallery here.

Prezi Disadvantages:

1. Limited Free – the number of free features is quite limited. Yes, you can use both mobile and downloadable desktop Prezi app. But you’ll have Prezi watermark on your presentations, you can’t access Prezi video features and there will be no download option.

2. Too much interactive slides – Prezi gives you freedom to make almost live presentations. Unlike still Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Prezi slides are animated. But if you go too far with interactive enhancements, your slides might look unprofessional like sparkling Flash-based website banners in 2009.

3. Offline export options – as you know, the free Prezi account doesn’t allow you to download and share your presentation offile, but we often need time to think over a project offline. So export to PDF, at least, is as necessary as air.

4. Get tired of motion – the smart zoom feature allows viewers to see the details of presentation. But when you show a lot of slides (like over 30 pages), your audience might get tired of constant movements on the screen. Especially, when you are remote. Fortunately, now Prezi offers paid option called Prezi Video which helps you to show yourself next to your slides and attract attention to your topic and speech, not to your slides.

Enjoy Prezi, it’s a really cool tool to surpass even PowerPoint presentations!

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