Screenshots are ordinary satellites of work life. It’s the best way to show and explain things to your colleagues, students, Zoom or Slack-mates. Besides, screenshots help remember information quickly and get back to it later on.

There are many tools to make screenshots on Windows. For example, you can create screenshots with the “Print Screen” button and Microsoft Paint. Or you may download a special app for screenshot making called Greenshot.

What’s Greenshot?

Greenshot Windows Installer Additional Plugins

Greenshot is a free open source program for screenshot taking. Unlike the default Windows Snipping Tool, Greenshot is a feature-rich application which is all-in-one solution for all screenshotting purposes. Using Greenshot you can make screenshots of all sizes, edit screenshots, save screenshots as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, blur sensitive parts of your screenshot, add lines, arrows, speech bubbles, annotate your screenshots and highligh important parts of your screen captures with color. Besides, you can share your screenshots automatically to Imgur and send a web link with your pic into chats. Or you may install additional Box, Dropbox, Flickr, Jira plugins and upload your screenshots there from Greenshot. Being 100% GNU ver. 3 open-source software, Greenshot depends on donations, so if you like Greenshot app and want to help Greenshot to make money, please donate to Thomas Braun, Jens Klingen, and Robin Krom project.

Watch how to how to install Greenshot on Windows 10 below (quick start guide):

Greenshot is a cross-platform app. It’s also available for Mac OS user, here’s the download link from official website. Unfortunately, there’s no Greenshot for Linux, Ubuntu and Android OS.

As with other open-source freeware like GIMP, the question of Greenshot security bothers many users. Users often ask Google: is Greenshot safe? Yes, Greenshot is safe, the source code is available on GitHub 24/7. Greenshot is not malware. But beware of tricky download websites which bundle Greenshot app without author’s permission. Please install Greenshot only from the official website (use the link above).

Install the application and with one click of the “Print Screen” button, the screen images will be automatically created and processed by Greenshot. Thus, you eliminate the need to deal with Microsoft Paint and can save fine screen pictures with a light-weight open source screen maker.

The tool motto says that Greenshot is optimized for productivity. Greenshot is fast and really simple to use. It allows you to create screenshots, save them as PNG or JPEG files, annotate, choose between the full window mode and the precise image area.

Upon the whole, Greenshot is a superb screenshot maker alternative based on open source code. It’s a speedy and user-friendly application that all of us can enjoy. Plus, the variety of features inside Greenshot deserves appreciation.

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