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Haiku Deck is one of the easiest presentation maker apps for iPad. It can’t completely replace Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote for Mac, but this brave iOS app definitely deserves to be reviewed. Do you like creative slides with strong professional stock visuals and catchy wording? If yes, check our detailed tutorial below. Let’s compare Haiku Deck pros and cons!

What is Haiku Deck?

Created in 2011, the online service won the millions of iPad users hearts for the simplicity of slideshow design on Apple tablet. The app is a simple presentation making app which includes tons of ready stock photos, templates, online publishing and social sharing features. This app is remarkable for the fit on modern handheld gadgets. All slides look stunning! And they are easy to show and browse on iPads, Macs, Windows PC. No matter what device your audiece is using, and what screen resolution they have, your presentation look gorgeous everywhere! Yes, that’s true! I’m sure Microsoft PPT users or Keynote speakers know that their presentation may look awesome on their laptop, but awfully ugly or distorted when broadcasted on a bigger or smaller screens. And the worst thing is that you learn this fail in front of your audience. With the help of Seattle-made software you can be sure that your slides will look stylish and professional offline and online, on any screen.

What is Haiku Deck Used for?

As you can see the presentation editor is a unique, Instagram-manner presentation design app that makes brief, yet powerful stories for education, non-profit, business and remote audiences. Thanks to exceptional simplicity of iOS editor, the application is tremendously popular among teachers and students. By the way, Haiku Deck offers 50% discount pricing for educators. Here are top 10 ways Haiku Deck is used for:

  1. Pitching an idea to audience, investors, buyers, etc
  2. Beautiful designed slides for blogs and websites
  3. Selling demos and presentations to clients
  4. Educational slides, online webinars
  5. Portfolio
  6. Testimonials, showcases
  7. Branding, company messages
  8. Story telling
  9. Social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  10. Onboarding information for employees, customers, students, etc

How to Use Haiku Deck?

What I like the most about small slides maker is its short onboarding tour upon the app installation. Here’s the download link for Haiku Deck iPad app on Apple AppStore. You’ll get the idea how to use the app and make amazing presentations on your iPad very quickly.

the app guided tour

Here’s how to use Haiku Deck creator in 6 steps:

1. Create a free trial account. Unfortunately, the free basic version allows you to make only one presentation free of charge and it includes certain feature limits, but you’ll grasp the idea of app with even one try. If you like the slides maker, then you can upgrade to Pro version of get paid version of presentation creator for teachers.

2. The next step is to select a presentation design template from the list. To do it, use the upper bar and slide till you find the one that suits your project.

Selecting Presentation Design Template

Here you’ll see free and paid presentation templates. Both look awesome, so don’t be afraid that your project looks cheaper or less professional if you stick to a non-paid presentation layout. I have to admit that the choice of template topics is huge but most of them are inspired by Instagram style.

Free and paid options

3. After choosing your presentation style, tap on the “Plus” sign in the right bottom corner and add your initial presentation page. You can add a title, text, photo or enrich your page with content boxes or graphs!

Graphs and Charts

But I recommend you to keep pages clean and readable. Don’t overload presentations with visual elements.

4. However, if you need to add an image, the slides generator helps you with it. Just tap on the image icon and you’ll get an array of creative common licensed images for absolutely free!

Finding Common Licensed Images

5. You can add more pages in a similar manner by clicking the “Plus” sign. Besides, you can upload your own pictures, for example, your logo or branding.

6. When you are done with your slides, you’ll see saving options such as: online link, send by email, to Twitter, to Facebook, embed on a blog or site, download presentation as PowerPoint or Keynote file.

Publishing your iPad presentation

Don’t forget that the final page will be added automatically by the app. You can add your site, Twitter account or contact info there. Please note, that the basic free account has a very limited choice of presentation export options and the best way is to share your slides online. So is Haiku Deck link private? No, anyone from your audience can access the link you send without account signup.

There is another way to create slides. Lately, a new artificial intelligence algorithm was presented by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway team – it’s called Zuru. So if you don’t want to add slides and have already created a plot of your story, you can simply upload your content and Haiku Deck Zuru will automatically create beautiful presentation out of your text.

Look at the Zuru presentation demo sample below!

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Haiku Deck?

To sum it up, Haiku Deck is intuitive and really simple in use. I enjoyed high quality of iPad presentations. Yet, the service has several advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind to make a right choice of slides design app for iPad.

Haiku Deck Advantages:

  • simple app, even for school kids;
  • works on tablets;
  • limited number of words on each slide makes all slides easily readable;
  • professional photo stock images, no more ugly art clipping;
  • tons of templates and slide examples
  • online sharing, no need to send presentation file by email;

Haiku Deck Disadvantages:

  • paid app with very limited free trial version;
  • not suitable for scientific presentations with many words;
  • not suitable for adding complex graphs;
  • no audio/video embed in the slide (only on a separate page);
  • limited export to PowerPoint (the slides are not editable);
  • no refunds at all!!!

Now is your turn to share your opinion about Haiku Deck. Do you use it?

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