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To create an animated pumpkin GIF pic for Halloween, you need a few images of the pumpkin, a link to an online GIF-animator and your fantasy. And read the rest of the tips in the article.

Halloween is coming and most of us have already bought pumpkins and are seeking for the best ideas to decorate them and capture our masterpieces with camera. I thought that one of such ideas could be a personally created animated GIF which you can later share with your friends on Google+, Flickr, Imgur, etc. So, in this post:

  • I will tell you what you should consider when making an animated GIF image;
  • Give a list of online GIF creators and their short review;
  • Name some ideal free desktop applications for GIF making that you could use in your work and tell you how these apps can help you.

Halloween pumpkin

Peculiar Facts About GIF Images

  • A GIF-image color palette contains maximum 256 colors (so, your artwork can employ not more than 256 colors).
  • GIF-format uses a special compression algorithm that preserves an image quality.
  • GIF images support such useful features as transparence (it’s important if an image is created in Photoshop or GIMP with many layers) and animation.
  • The size of the resulted GIF-image should not be too big, otherwise, it will load for ages. In most cases this point is critical but there are examples of GIF-images with the beautiful animation where dozens of images changed in seconds and nobody cared how long such images loaded – it was worth it.
  • The minimum number of frames for the animated GIF is three (3). These are two end points and one point in between because of which you get an impression of the smooth moving and not the sudden teleportation.
  • Avoid doing too many frames for one movement (don’t mix with the total number of frames) because the speed of changing the frames might be not enough even if you set up the change speed at 0 seconds. For example, to animate a rolling wheel, the best number of frames will be six (6).
  • Most of the modern online and desktop creators can make animated GIF’s out of any image format but if you are somehow required to use GIF-images, don’t be afraid! Open Microsoft Paint and save the images as GIF with a different name.

How to Create Animated GIF from Pictures Online?

One of the ways out to get an animated image is an online GIF maker. See a couple of them below.

1. Makeagif

Makegif – a nice online application with a user-friendly interface.

Makegif interface

Each step is followed by the instructions and you can download the result immediately. Oh, and I selected the fast animation speed (250 ms delay) – too quick. I would advice you to choose the normal speed.

Makegif speed selection

No watermarks or some other limitations.

Makegif resulted animated gif

2. Picasion

Picasion – the name reminds us of some image editor cultivated by the biggest IT-corporation in the world. The principle is the same as by Makegif but the features realization differs. Picasion enables users to upload pictures for the future animated GIF one by one. It’s alright when you plan to use 3-5 pictures but if you’re going to operate 20-25, it’s going to be hard.

Picasion interface

But the social networks part is above all praise. There are links for HTML, BBCode for forums. You can also share you GIF in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., or save it to your computer.

Share animated GIF from Picasion interface

How to Make an Animated GIF from Image Sequence on Windows PC?

And surely, you know the best Windows GIF maker software already because we have already written about them in our posts. Welcome Photoscape and GIMP!

1. PhotoScape

PhotoScape – all you need to do is to open PhotoScape and click on the Animated GIF icon.
Create animated GIF with PhotoScape
Watch video guide on how to create animated GIF’s with PhotoScape. And may the PhotoScape force be with you!


GIMP – all the details on making animated GIF’s can be found in YouTube tutorial. Enjoy! Watch below and repeat:

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