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PhotoScape is a free powerful graphics editor. As we reviewed earlier, it’s full of various image editing techniques among which there is image background editing. To remove an old background in PhotoScape, you can select one of the 3 following methods: crop photo background, paint or clone backdrop. Each option has pros and cons. Have a look at a PhotoScape tutorial to apply the method that suites you best.

Way #1 Crop Background – Fastest Background Removal

Crop background is a good way to remove photo background in PhotoScape. However, if you use this mode, you will save only important picture element with no back scenes at all. So you will cut out key element from your original image. And the rest of the area will become transparent or blank. Here is a step by step guide on how to crop a background in PhotoScape as in the image sample:

Crop Background

  1. Open PhotoScape Editor tab;
  2. Select a picture;
  3. Choose “Crop Freely” and mark “Chop Round Image” as in the image above;
  4. Use your mouse to create a circle and stretch it to select the key area;
  5. Click “Crop” to preview the image without old back scenes;
  6. Save cropped area to get an image without background.

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Way #2 Clone Stamp Background in PhotoScape

Cloning a background with a clone stamp is an ideal method to copy and paste one object in the picture twice, three times or million times. Using PhotoScape clone stamp tool is also a great technique to blur picture backgound, change piture opacity or even apply a little of background transparency in PhotoScape. The technique is similar to the copy-paste mode in Microsoft Word:

Copy Background

  1. Open PhotoScape Editor tab;
  2. Select a picture;
  3. Under Tools tab click “Clone Stamp”;
  4. Use simultaneously Alt and click the area you want to copy (number 1 in the image);
  5. Click any desired area on the background area to paste the initial part of the backdrop (number 2 on the image);
  6. Hit “Save” button to save the picture onto your PC.

Watch the video tutorial below showing how to use PhotoScape Clone Stamp to erase objects from image background

Way #3 Change Background Color in PhotoScape

Paint background with some color and hide the backdrop area of a picture that you don’t want others to see. Paint brush is not 100% ideal and naturally looking like in Photoshop or GIMP as PhotoScape is an amateur image editor. However, it would work for on the run picture editing. Needless to say, you can color any object or person on the picture background and to blur any personal sensitive information like your car plate number.

Paint Background

  1. Open PhotoScape Editor tab;
  2. Select a picture;
  3. Under Tools tab click Color Picker (number 1 on the sample image). The image color recognized by Color Picker is displayed in the pop-up next to the tool icon;
  4. Click close to the area you plan to paint (action number 1 on the image);
  5. Click “Paint Brush” and use your mouse to start painting the desired area;
  6. Save the resulting image when you are done.

No matter which way you prefer: crop, copy or color backdrop, PhotoScape does its pictures manipulation work perfectly.

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      Great tutorial, I have been likoong for this, Just would also like to know how to make the clickable image include an cursor-effect (for example shadow effect, or increase in size/zoom effect), as I know you can do this with clickable text link in i-web, but how would you do this on a clickable image???Many Thanks

      1. anna

        Hi Chema,

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    I love using photo scape. It would be great if I could remove a object from one picture and place it in another photo without any of the photo background. Almost like a clean crop of just the object. Any software out there besides photoshop or gimp ? To hard for me to use ?

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    plz tell me the change of bakeground of photoshope

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      No way to change PhotScape background.

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