How to Compare Two Photos Side by Side in Free Image App?

With endless memory of new iPhone and Android smartphones, we make dozens of similar images. Often it’s hard to find out if there’s a difference between two photos of the same person shooted one by one. Which image is better? What picture should you upload on Instagram, the first or the second one? Today, we’ll show you how to identify similarity between two pictures without professional side by side photo comparison software like Adobe Lightroom.

Is There an App to Compare Pictures?

Using a free image comparison tool called FastStone Image Viewer, you can compare similar images pixel by pixel on your home Windows 10. FastStone Image Viewer, as it’s clear from its name, is a free image viewer app with photo comparison features. The freeware contains a special mode that lets you check similarities and differences between two pictures. The software is totally free for home use and works on Windows 7 and higher PCs.

Watch the short video tutorial below showing you how to compare two images in FastStone Image Viewer:

Moreover, FastStone Image Viewer permits matching several pics at the time. You can measure the differences between 4 almost identical photos of an object, person, face, building, sightseeing, etc. Besides, the free image viewer helps not only to compare two pictures with your own eyes and find the differences, but also displays EXIF information, so you can detect timestamp and other useful image data. See our guide about EXIF info here.

If you want to learn more about all awesome FastStone Image Viewer capabilities, read our detailed review here.

How Find the Difference Between Two Images Pixel by Pixel in FastStone Image Viewer?

How to find the differences between two images pixel by pixel

Follow our simple tutorial and check the similarity between two pictures with the help of FastStone Image Viewer. FastStone Image Viewer empower you to:

  • use zoom to detect minor distinctions;
  • compare two pics in full screen mode, if you have image crowded with many people or tiny objects;
  • rotate images right or left if they turn over after import from iPhone/Android

Here’s how to compare two photos side by side, pixel by pixel:

  1. Download and launch FastStone Image Viewer (the link given in the software review);
  2. Open pictures folder with alike images;
  3. Select two images to compare using CTRL and your mouse;
  4. Go to Tools > Compare Images or click the Image Comparison icon on the top of the FastStone toolbar (see the screenshot above) to start the comparison mode;
  5. Compare two images for similarities and differences in an image comparison mode;
  6. Select to show EXIF information, if you wish at the top right corner;
  7. Check the File name box, if you want to see the name of your pic;
  8. Press the close button when you’re done.

This way you can compare two images thoroughly, check every inch of photo and see if there are any unwanted objects or blurred pixels.

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FastStone Image Comparison App Rating

FastStone Image Viewer advantages:
FastStone Image Viewer helps you to decide which image deserves to be shared and which one should be deleted from your gadget. And it’s absolutely free.

FastStone Image Viewer disadvantages:
Unfortunately, the software doesn’t have batch mode. So you can’t compare multiple images automatically. The limit is 4 images at a time.

Now is your turn to try this image comparing app. Share with us your opinion in the comments!

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