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Images of all sorts are integral part of our life. Filters, effects, various backgrounds, stickers and cool color blends are loaded on our iPhones and Android gadgets. Why not to turn your real face selfie into a cartoon and highlight it in Instagram stories? Select an artistic style, caricature, Disney or Pixar cartoon effect, anime, illustration, comic or black and white drawing. A pool of web applications available online is huge, an image to cartoon conversion takes few clicks, so let’s see which app is to use.

How to Change Your Picture to Cartoon?

There are 4 ways to cartoonize your photos free online:

  1. Edit your picture into cartoon;
  2. Apply art filters and effects to your pics;
  3. Turn picture into anime drawing or sketch;
  4. Use your image into anime manga converter.

Let’s learn advantages and disadvantages of each way and find the best apps which you can use to turn your picture or selfie into cartoon for free.

1. How to Turn Your Photo into a Cartoon?

The majority of snapshot editing websites offer the so-called Cartoon Effect which you can add to your avatar, profie pic or couple photographs. The main advantages of online filters and cartoon effect apps are simplicity and quickness. Follow 3 easy steps to convert your media into cartoon:

  1. upload a pic from your computer or from the web;
  2. find Cartoon Effect in the tool set or choose between styles or variants of this avatar animation effect (like in case of www.picturetopeople.orgKuso Cartoon )
  3. press the button Apply (or Go) to transform your creations. The image processing varies from several seconds up to 1-2 minutes.

Picturetopeople online drawing effects

However, as all quick online generators, these free makers have drawbacks. A lot of online retouching tools are rather humdrum because they are deprived of enhancement features. In these apps cartoonization is limited to 1-click operation. Besides, sometimes colors may become blurred and it leads to an unsatisfactory result.  Such apps as Colorcinch,, AnyMaking  and others belong to this group.

2. What App to Use to Cartoonize Your Image with Art Filters & Oil Painting Effect?

At the same time there are online art editors with more advanced tools. They have a variety of adjustment options. For example, BeFunky helps you modify sketch brightness, contrast, smoothness and other details. Besides, Befunky contains several dozens of art filters and effects, including glitch art effect, pop art, lomo art, vintage colors, etc. Here’s our favorite animations effect called Cartoonizer in BeFunky. If you want to use it go to BeFunky editor, upload your picture, open Artsy tab > Cartoonizer tab > select a cartoon effect out of the list and apply to your portrait. Check an example of Cartoonizer effect on screenshot below:

BeFunky Cartoonizer Effect

One of the most popular is BeFunky oil painting effect. Here’s the example of oil painting effect applied to face portrait below:

BeFunky Oil Painting Effect

For example, check this quick video tutorial explaining how to turn a usual family snap into an oil painted picture.

Watch the video below & learn how to use Befunky oil painting effect:

3. How to Turn Picture into Simple Drawing?

Another means of cartoonization is making a pencil sketch out of your digital photograph. Whenever you apply Cartoon effect your images turn bright and cheerful. If you want to render a solid atmosphere and achieve respectability in your online profile pencil sketch creation will suit your needs better.

The image manipulation procedure is just the same as described for the cartoon effect. Here’s how to turn picture into a drawing online step by step:

  1. Upload a JPEG/PNG file;
  2. Select the desired background canva;
  3. Push the Apply button and you are done. The application does its job instantly by itself.

Fotosketcher, PicJoke, Tuxpi artwork editor and many other applications give you an opportunity to convert your snaps to life-like pencil sketches. Below you can see an example of my cat’s picture turned into drawing with PicJoke:

PicJoke pencil drawing or pencil sketch effect

Besides, you can decorate your profile avatar with a cute comics frame and even learn how to edit anime characters into pictures.

4. How to Turn Picture into Anime Online Free?

One more way is to turn your image into anime style sketch. The best converter app for it is PicsArt (available online, on iPhone, Android). See the full review of this wonderfull free drawings editor here. PicsArt offers both anime filters and effects and anime stickers that you can overlay over your image. The converting app is so advanced that your anime editing will look natural as a professional Japanese manga. Watch the detailed video tutorial showing how to to turn your picture into anime stylish editing:

Amaze your nearest and dearest, friends and coworkers with a cool profile character, stand out from the crowd and attract more followers and fans in social networks. You know, the first impression is the strongest 🙂

How Good Are You at Photo to Cartoon Editing?

Pass free quiz & check your knowledge level of photo to cartoon, anime, drawing editing.

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    In my opinion, most sites are unable to make the job (turn a picture into a pencil drawing), because they usually just can make poor transformations, like the one you have shown (a simple “find contours”).

    I believe Picture to People has the only tool that currently can make a convincing pencil sketch from a photo: it generates a real drawing with a very complex set of strokes that match the original image.

    Take a look at one of this:

    Why can’t the other sites offer this kind of software? Their developers know Computer Graphics too, don’t they?

    Thanks and keep doing a great job.

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