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Mass Watermark is a desktop image program that allows to create original watermarks or logos thanks to its inbuilt Watermark/Branding Designer. And now I would like to guide you how to make a wonderful logo in few clicks. And Mass Watermark software lets you batch watermark your photos as it’s clear from the app name.

How to Use Mass Watermark Software?

1. Download Mass Watermark software from its official website and install it on your Windows or MAC computer.

Mass Watermark

2. Launch the program and press the button Open Watermark Designer. In the opened window set the canvas sizes (width and height, transparency) and click on Proceed.

Mass Watermark

3. Insert the necessary text on the canvas. You can change fonts and text styles. The program automatically resizes text to preserve the correct proportions inside the watermark field.

Mass Watermark text watermarking option

There are two options for the watermark placement. Select between text over logo or logo over text positions.

4. Place an image or logo to make your watermark more vivid.

Mass Watermark image watermarking

5. Save the newly created watermark on your pc. Besides, you can immediately apply the logo to your photos. Just press the button Use as Watermark and you’ll be redirected to the main window. It is possible to watermark one particular picture or a bunch of photos.

Mass Watermark

When the photos are protected with a watermark you can upload them to Picasa Web Album or Flickr directly from the program. I wish there were more popular photo sharing sites and photo viewers covered in Mass Watermark.

What made me fall in love with this fantastic watermarking application is an inbuilt image cropping and resizing tool, a wide range of preset watermark positions and a possibility to add meta data like author, copyright, creation date and other important details.

The quality of the watermark was generally good, although I did experience some pixelation or blurring in some of my images. I also felt that the program was not suitable for all images, such as complex images with multiple layers or small details.

Overall, Mass Watermark software is a great tool for quickly batch watermarking photos. It is easy to use and cost-effective, and it does a good job of protecting your images. Just be aware that there are some limitations and quality issues that you may encounter.

Drawing the line I must admit that Mass Watermark is a useful desktop program with simple, user-friendly interface but you should pay 30.00 dollars for the license. Nowadays we are spoilt with numerous free online applications that have similar or even richer tool sets to add logo to photo. However you can use a trial version with certain limitations for ever.

Watch video tutorial below showing you how to add watermarks with the help of Mass Watermark software:

Advantages of Mass Watermark Software:

1. Time-saving: Helps you to quickly batch watermark hundreds of photos in minutes.

2. Easy to use: Eeasy to install and use, and it has a user-friendly interface.

3. Cost-effective: Very affordable compared to hiring a professional photographer or graphic designer to watermark your photos.

4. Customizable: The tool allows you to customize the watermark to your liking, such as adding text, logos, or shapes.

Disadvantages of Mass Watermark Software:

1. Limited options: Limited options for customizing the watermark.

2. Not suitable for all images: It’s not suitable for all images, such as complex images with multiple layers or small details.

3. Quality issues: Watermarking can sometimes lead to quality issues, such as pixelation or blurring of the watermark.

4. Security concerns: The software can sometimes be vulnerable to malicious software or hackers, so you should always make sure to download the program from the official website.

The verdict:

We recently had the opportunity to test Mass Watermark software, and we must say that it is a great tool for quickly batch watermarking photos. The installation and setup process is straightforward, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize the watermark. We found the customization options to be quite limited, but the program does offer some basic features like adding text, logos, or shapes to the watermark. Recommended!

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