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All you need to create a unique and state-of-art paper block is to open Microsoft Word, get a bunch of paper sheets, and prepare a set of your favorite pictures and a color printer. What you will get is begging of your friends to get a stylish paper block like yours for them too.

Well, yes, one could hardly name Microsoft Word a free application, but it’s installed on many computers, so let’s pretend it’s at least at your disposal. Now, I’ll tell you how to make a good looking paper sheet, and then I’ll mention some ideas for using your customized pieces of art.

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A short and easy how-to make image work as a background watermark:

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word file;
  2. On the ribbon, select the Format menu, point to Background tab and find the Printed Watermark option;
  3. Click the Picture watermark, and then check the Select Picture radio button;
  4. Now browse for the image you would like to set up as a background and click the Insert button.
  5. Click the Apply button to see the result.
    If the image is too small, repeat the actions mentioned above (except for Step 4), select a bigger size in percentage scale (usually 200% is enough) and click the Apply button again.

Here you are! A nicely done piece of paper that nobody else has! I have found a cool pic on the Internet and it made my colleagues’ day when I brought a pile of printed sheets to the office. And here is a snapshot of my post draft done with this image background.

Microsoft Word Background Template

Watch YouTube video tutorial showing you how to insert image as a background for Microsoft Word documents!

And now ideas to use in real life

  • Take your family photos and create an album for notes with the faces of your relatives.
  • Create a stylish notebook with the backgrounds united by one topic (for example, Sakura Blossom, I Hate My Boss or My Boss is So Cute, etc.).
  • Or you can make a topic medley and fasten it into one block again.
  • Use paper with backgrounds with some holiday theme to send out letters (yes! letters!) to your relatives, friends and colleagues.
  • Create Word pages with various backgrounds just for fun every day, or even every hour.
  • Sign your slides to protect your work with copyright as you can do it on iOS mobiles with best watermarking apps.

If any other idea occurs to you on how one could use this brilliant concept, don’t hesitate and leave it in the comments!

P.S. Just to be on the safe side, here is the Microsoft user guidelines on their official website. There are a couple of useful tips there too. But to tell the truth, I’ve always had a wish to make their user tips more vivid and simpler.

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